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Late 80's Binachi Pista (sold!)

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late 80's bianchi pista

3ttt mod competizione and 3ttt

bianchi and campagnolo chorus

36h dura-ace 7600 to araya ct19n

36h dura-ace 7600 to araya ct19n

dura-ace 7600 and dura-ace 7610

brooks b-17 narrow

ofmega masters/izumi esh

16/46 dura-ace

my daily philadelphia transportation. with updated photos! There are a couple different stages of the build since i've had it the past few years. Started out with velocity fusion wheels and ofmega crank, then some campy parts, now onto dura-ace/araya. Newish addition is the brooks seat. Been on philly streets everyday for the past three years. It's a little roughed up but runs like a champ. I love it
EDIT: Sadly sold. I will miss her.

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i think im the current owner

i think im the current owner of this frame now. i bought it with the 3ttt mod competizione bar and stem combo.. and it has the same white marks on the downtube. its in chicago now :D

what 3ttt bars are those?

what 3ttt bars are those?


they are "3ttt mod competizione". i'll add that to the info.

i just got one of these

and was wondering if you could help me narrow down to what year this is exactly. I can't find any info on it anywhere.

Sick ride never let it go.

Sick ride never let it go.

looks good, where did you

looks good, where did you find the matching bianchi green tires?

celeste tire

i got them at

2 questions

1. When is that picture from cause its been so grey and shitty here for sooo long, it hasnt looked like that in a long time!!!
2. And did you run up the stairs or climb up that good hill around the back to get up there? haha
Nice ride-

Sick photo! Philly doesn't

Sick photo! Philly doesn't look half as dirty from that angle...

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