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Cinelli Track 1960 full Campy skip tooth

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around 1960 +- 2 years according to club members

Cinelli track steel

Campy 'NO Record' Record hub

Campy 'NO Record' Record hub

Campy raised lip cranks and 'con sfere 3/16"' BB

Campy and Unicanitor 55, the first one was a Brooks Swallow

campy 'con dente' with O-Ring sealed axle



Campy skip tooth 1" pitch drivetrain

Cinelli track bike from 1960

This bike from around 1960 could be traced back to Hans Mangold a teammate of Rudi Altig in the late 50ties till Rudi Altig turned pro in 1960. This bike is almost in the condition of the 60ties, with the exception of the Continental Sonderklasse 175 pista tubulars which are from 1985 and the Unicanitor M55 saddle, as the bike found it's way from the velodrome to the first collector. I got told that the original saddle was a Brooks Swallow. From practical experience I know that old track bike were used till the mid 80ties by the clubs as pool bikes for the events on the velodrome. The same destiny has hapened to the "" which has been used till the turn of the millennium in Rochester Hills,Mi velodrome.


the headset has a additional pinch-clamp device which could be seen in those days.


the bike has a full Campy track outfit, with second gen cranks with raised lip (eye-let around the pedal hole) rotating around a 'Con Sfere 3/16"' bottom bracket, 'NO Record' Record hubs , pista pedals con dente with spindles which have the 1st gen O-ring seal, and skip tooth (1" pitch) drive train.

The wheels are 3 cross laced without the later popular tying and soldering of the outer most spoke crossing. The Fiamme trapezoid rims were the choice of many riders.

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very sweet

Seeing a bike like this makes me really want to ride. It also makes me want to learn more about bikes and their history. I love old school bikes and conversions of old bikes which have been given a second chance as dope fixed bikes. Thank you for bringing this to the forum and to the world. Its beautiful. I'd take this bike over any new pista or fuji track bike, not saying that those aren't good bikes, but this is something that is worth more than any amount of money you could throw at a new bike. Thanks again for the honor to lay eyes on such a beautiful piece of work. Ride on my friend!

no i don't wanna listen to your emo music.

there ya' go

not much to say really, there is a real bicycle, the top of the technology. An improvement on all prior, everything after only added fluff. Thank you for keeping such things around.

well made commend! the bike

well made commend! the bike technology after WW2 characterized by the customer demand of Italian bicycles and components was going backwards. the majority of the stuff we appreciated today on our bikes was already available in the 30-ties and 40-ties, like index shifter, cassettes, freehubs , brased ons , filed brazing...........

in the 70ties till beginning of the 90 ties there was not even the room for technical, bio mechanical and aerodynamic discussions. the credo was use 170mm cranks, 36 hole 3 cross wheels, flat tubular rims and 42 teeth has to be on the small chainring. end of discussion!

i contrast please check out what the governmental controlled sport R&D did in the GDR on



Oh nice, so very nice!!!

Oh nice, so very nice!!!


Beautiful! I'm glad you kept it original.

Cinelli 60 ties track

there is a basic difference in thinking on both sides of the pond, the American way to restore as much as possible and the European way to keep it unrestored. my bikes are with 2 exceptions as they were put on the hook as they finished their duty. probably a subject for a thread in the forum.

I think most collectors here

I think most collectors here know enough not to alter a bike like yours. Given its rarity, history, condition (used, but not abused; free of rust), the decision to keep it 'as is' is pretty much a no brainer. I would agree there's probably a greater sensitivity in Europe to preserving bikes as they are. However, about half the racing bikes I've bought from Europe have been repainted by previous owners. More often than not, I wish they hadn't.

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