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Bianchi Concept "the hyphy machine"

Bike tags: Fixed gear | 1 my bike sucks worse than yours | 505 | aerospoke | Bianchi | more tags >>
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Bianchi Concept (powder coated)

Answer Pro taper GOLD, 2 inchers / Thompson Elite

Bianchi Concept (painted)

Aerospoke (painted) or Twenty Spokes of Fury!, sometimes a 650c sun rim w/campy hub,or a hed3

Fir net 97 (powder coated) 32h / laced to Phil - MASHsf hub w/ green alloy nipples or Twenty Spokes of Fury!


San Marco Regal / Thompson Elite

MKS gold bmx/ Izumi eco / MKS double straps

18 EAI super star gold bling master bling bitchez/ 48 sugino 75

I want to thank Matt for powder coating rim and bars,
Jared for building my wheel

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hey cock sucker!!!!!

that was three years ago!
go fuck yourself

nice ghost bike

nice ghost bike

this bike is amaizing its

this bike is amaizing its like the productt of gods semen

damn son

all out on the white


damnski. bikeporn

all white looks so fresh.

all white looks so fresh. exquisite build my friend.

Sick bike

That bike is awesome. Just pristine and simple. Nice. Where did you get the white grips?

MASHsf hub

MASHsf hub dope.


Beautiful all around.

I cant stop looking at this thing...

You did a great job on your Concept.

cause its the best dood! to

cause its the best dood! to bad its not mine any more.


will you sell that

nope on another bike

nope on another bike

this bike

this bike go.


whats on the heads of your spokes?

green spoke nipples

green spoke nipples


no the other end :[ whats stamped on it, looks like it could be stars.

my guess would be "dt"

my guess would be "dt"

you guess. "crap"

hmm, i dont know how to take this. i was hoping for facts and end up with guessing,thanks still. perhaps you no longer have the one im talking about? it is the one with the closeup photo with the green nips&hub. only asking because i have spokes that look Double Butted and are about 2/3 bladed 261mm long and im just trying to find a maker that stamped stars in the heads of ther spokes in the late 1980's.


what is the preparation process with the stock paint before powdercoating? Do you have to scratch it up or blast it off or anything? thx.

I had mine dipped to remove

I had mine dipped to remove paint. sandblasting may dent it . tubing on concept are quite thin. then powder coated

sandblast it... but

sandblast it... but sandblasting these frames [and most alum frames] reveals all the dents covered by bondo...]

k thanks...

I really have the urge to build a white steamroller. We'll see if that ever comes to fruition! Love your concept btw.


impressive. clean.


this baby should be arriving in Chi-town today!!!!! thanks alot man

Sad day, that you sold your

Sad day, that you sold your concept. But what's next?

.... but a happy day for

.... but a happy day for another
italian steel is next

very nice. can't wait to see

very nice. can't wait to see the next build.

Bummed that you're selling

Bummed that you're selling it... I'd buy it if I had the money though. Great bike.

i would have

gone with a campy set up on the cranks!!!!!bianchi+campy=LOVE

had the dura-ace

had the dura-ace already.
but yes I-talian on I-tatian is best

i just realized

that your graphics were inspired by BMC bikes. Let SK860MPH or me know if you want to come up and ride in Santa Fe, I am in Albuquerque all the time, let's go rip some of those ditches!

where did you get the MASHSF

where did you get the MASHSF logo at??!?

uummmm. its just a mashsf

its just a mashsf sticker.
avalible from

Where did you get that

Saglife bag? I have been searching for one everywhere. How much do they run if you dont mind me asking? Also sick bike I dont know why you would want to sell it!

did you cut?

how much did you cut off your bars?

jurban - juss aw trekker!

about 5 inches each side

about 5 inches each side they measure 44 across


nice whip! so fresh and so clean. good job.

so clean brah!

powder coated aerospoke? fuck nice bike good job! this gotta be one of my favorite's


A white aerospoke sure gets you a lot of "adds". SUCKA'S!!!

its the custom logos foo'

its the custom logos foo' don't you know.
hows the 2008 concept treating you?\

really its got to be da shoes
its got to be da shoes!

trade for the colnago? haha.

trade for the colnago? haha.

frame an forks? hmmmmmm..

frame an forks? hmmmmmm.. maybe

i dunno why you considered

i dunno why you considered selling in the first place.
looks better every time I see it!

because I wanted

because I wanted this.

I like the new riser

I like the new riser color!

Why the change to 2 inch rise?

because I dropped the front

because I dropped the front by putting a 650c wheel on


your whip just keeps gettin better!

i know it

ohhhhhhhh what a solid pair of denim will do to your saddle.
japanese i hope?
noice bike. for sure. lovin the decals

Very niiice

Love your bike. What is the length of your handlebar?

cut down to 42cm

cut down to 42cm

come check out my concept

come check out my concept now. it's been done for awhile, but finally got photos. i'm still jocking your ride though.

I really love this bike.

I really love this bike.

thanks man and I really love

thanks man and I really love your colnago

lets get them to produce

lets get them to produce children so we'll each have a little of the others bike.


I just had a relapse into how hot this bike is. I need to see it in person so i can die happy.

...and proceed to save my money for about two years so i can build a pista concept. haha. fresh.


does the bottom of that first C overlap the O?

poor craftsmenship.

haha, supremely dope bike.


That saddle is sick. I'm trying to get my hands on one. Where did you pick yours up?

Hands down...

best looking Concept on Velospace. Better than any other custom i've seen. Great job!!!


Looks good...I'm not a fan of Aerospokes though. Even worse that it's painted white. Check out my


saw you bike a couple of days ago and thought hmmmm kinda similar.


in a word... DOPE!


butter like ginger, baby


that is a sexy fix if I've ever seen one
nice work

ps good luck keeping it clean

that bike is big

that bike is big pimpin'!
I bet you gets all the ho's.




Street Conept...

Well done. White bikes rock.


What can I say? Blizzam.


hyphy for sure!!

i need to see this bike in person next time i'm over there. nice and clean, keep it rubber side down

no, no, to sexy

definetly one of the hottest bikes on velospace. ever go riding in santa fe?

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