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LOOK KG196 and DISC WHEEL         Featured Bike! on 11/10/2009

Bike tags: Track bike | 650c | disc wheel | fixed gear | look | more tags >>
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Mavic disk wheel 650c

Ambrosio disk wheel 700c


Gipiemme Pluma Titanium / DURA-ACE 25mm


333.3 meter

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no chain....

no nothing? WTF???

Hey MAN!

Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open!


As the come! Nice!

..The Mighty Chewbacca Approves this Message!

words cant describe that

words cant describe that thing..

Wish we could see more of

Wish we could see more of the bike behind your mountainous pile of disc wheels in front of it! ;-/


This bike is weird, yet awesome. Mostly awesome. Weird combo.

I want it!!!

I want it!!!

3TTT aerobar Model?

hi, do you know the name of this type of 3TTT aerobar? if so please let me know, THX

Old 1990's 3T "Bio Arms" for

Old 1990's 3T "Bio Arms" for sure

filth. mb.



If you ever need 25.0mm

If you ever need 25.0mm seatpost or LOOK Ergostem spare parts, let me know.



So this is what a spacebike

So this is what a spacebike looks like...

look ! at my ugly bike (:

look ! at my ugly bike


coolest bike i have seen here on velospace ever


That is truly an amazing bike.


Wow man, Ive never seen anything like it



Jeeeeeeeeeeeeesus. Amazing

Jeeeeeeeeeeeeesus. Amazing bike!

Hey, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?

Hot damn, that's real

Hot damn, that's real unique! And the discs are super cool. I'm assuming it's from the mid 90s?

now thats a aero bike nice

now thats a aero bike nice work


nice bike, nice wheels, but why only one handlebar grip?

Did you just get these

Did you just get these wheels? I just saw one on ebay.

about these wheelset

is these from the Uci-milano, with my coach goto visit some bikeshop base.


words can't even begin to describe this bike! crazy



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