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Kenevans TT bike         Featured Bike! on 11/8/2011

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Kenevans 531c

Mavic Bullhorn (special edition) / Cinelli Grammo 130mm

Vitus 979 / Stronglight B. Hinault

Bullseye 24 / Velocity Escape / DT Aerolite Blades / Tufo S3 180g

Bullseye 28 / Velocity Escape / DT Revolution db's/ Tufo S3 195g

Campagnolo Record / American Classic Ti

the / Easton EC70

Aerolite Ti / Regina Hollow Pin

Campagnolo Record (modified)/ Huret Jubilee / Campagnolo Super Record

Campagnolo Record (Ti bolt) / Sram TT-900

Regina 12-17 / 44-54 chainrings


I came across this frame many years ago and picked it up... never got around to putting the whole bike together until recently. Weighs in at 6.96 kilograms or 15.3 pounds. Not bad for a steel frame eh?

I put the Vitus fork a while back, that allowed for the Campy record front. Then finally got around to cleaning up some Mavic Bullhorns... the Sram levers are nice 'cuz they don't require drilling additional holes in the bars...

If you look close, the friction shifter tightning screws are from old school campy, early 60's or so... the levers are campys as well, but I took a drill and some files to 'em in 1972 or so...

The point is, this bike has a bunch of cycling history in it...

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Awesome TT

Great looking Kenevans TT.

Kenevans TT bike

I think it's finished


Just looking at this bike makes my back hurt :(

maybe so... but you would be

maybe so... but you would be goin' really fast


Love the gearing. The paint and spec is absolutely sweet too. I like to see a beefier brake on the front : )

Agree the seat needs 5 or 10 degrees of tilt to look right.

front brake

Yeah, I really would have prefered to use the matching Record brake that is on the rear, but the reach is wayyyyy to short... you can see on that Campy Kronos that the shoes are all the way up. I'd love to put a set of Modolo Kronos on the bike.... who cares about stopping anyway!!

nice ride!

And, 15.3 pounds? How did you get it down so low? I'm building a Basso funny bike now (5.5 pounds frame & fork) that's going to come in at 19.5 pounds dressed in gen. 1 C-Record, and it has lots of Ti stuff on it. Anyway, looks like an awesome ride!

I saw you post a comment on

I saw you post a comment on someone elses bike about seats pointed downward on fixed gear bikes, and how you found it odd. Well, after seeing this bike, I don't see HOW you can ride it without the nose pointed slightly downward! When you are in more an aero position, as you are on track bikes or TT bikes, it takes alot of pressure of your balls to have the seat more forward, since you are leaning more forward.

Actually, check out the new Fizik Ares seat, which is designed for TT bikes. I think it would also be great for track bikes too. But, this seat has an extra 12mm of padding just in the nose of the seat, to make it more comfortable for being in that position.

Yes, I understand

I understand your point, and, IF this bike ever gets ridden, then no doubt some fine tuning of seat and handlebar angle will be in order, and, given how far down the bars are compared to the saddle, I can easily see where a bit of nose down may be helpful.

Generally, back when I was ridding lots, I had the saddle level, or even a BIT nose up (on the mountain bike). That served to keep weight off the hands and shoulders (nice on a 6 or 8 hour ride... ofcourse, I doubt anyone rides a fixie for that long) and, on the mb, a bit more weight on the rear wheel. If the saddle were nose down, then I found I had to constantly slide towards the rear.

At any rate, when I put this bike together, level seat was/is the default position and more than a slight deviation from that generally looks odd to me.

Its origins

I remember seeing this bike in Ken's shop in 1983/84. Originally built for triathlons in Geelong. Ken is one of Australia's most reknowned framebuilders. You have done it justice


I had great fun putting it together for sure... I imagine the frame made it's way to the US shortly after that since I purcased it from a small shop in central California in 1987. They had it all built up with C-Record gear (including Delta brakes) which I thought was wrong since that gruppo is so bulky looking. A few weeks later I was in for something and they had the bike all apart and were going to ship it to some other shop. I had the bucks at the time and bought it right there.

Then one thing led to another and I never got around to building it up until this year, but fortunatly, I still had some of the components I'd originally planned to use and, thanks to ebay, other appropriate parts were available (except for the Saavedra Turbo rims that really should be on those wheels!)


Hawt. TT bikes are the shit.

Hawt. TT bikes are the shit.

back breaker. that color

back breaker.

that color scheme is great and the phatty 531 sticker is legit. get on that thing and ride!!!!!!


can't say I've ever seen a derailleur quite like that. Designed to cut down on weight?


well, that's just a Huret Jubilee. They were pretty common at one time. Cut down on weight?... That one weighs in around 135 grams. The six speed set up on the bike is about all it can handle though, as well as about 23 or 24 teeth on the largest cog. Friction (of course) smooth and percise, doesn't require lots of over-shift but is a little weak on the spring so it's slow comming down from the 13 onto the 12.

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