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cinelli laser


I love these bikes, the lines are beautiful. I'd love to see it with a full campy set all drilled out and as beautiful as it is I'd make sure I'd bring it to the velodrome every chance I had cause it's ment to be ridden

Not original fork?

i dont think the fork on this beauty is original as on laser forks the handle-bars are mounted on the fork below the steer-tube, or are flush with the top-tube due to a cut-out. Unless there was a year that they created framesets without these details, your frameset is not how cinelli intended it to be. Still, a beautiful bike and one i would like to have.

Sorry, I don't mean to be

Sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but since I own this bike I've heard so many stories from people that pretend to know what has been going on at cinelli back in the days that I cant even listen to this anymore!!!!!!! Again I'm really sorry to say this but before going for a statement make your research!!!! Do you know how many cinelli so called "Laser"
have been produced? Don't even wanna keep going on with this but as somenone else just mentioned have a look at the splash on cinelli's website!
Anyway this particular frame has been made for the italian trackbike team!


Thats not rude.

Thats not rude. i researched my false statement after the comments previous to yours were made and found i was wrong. I tried to delete my comment but dont know how/if its possible. Good luck selling this!


on the cinelli splash page

on the cinelli splash page it looks just like his.


...pretty sure you're wrong about that. research all the variations of laser frames out there. there's quite a few.

Where did you get these

Where did you get these frames?

what size is the frame? how

what size is the frame? how much would u willing to let go?

trade consider

if you ever feel so inclined to not want this beauty, i would consider trade for almost any bike of my steed, or purchase.

Cinelli laser

Would you ever sell it?




Hey, that bike is almost identical to mine, although mine is labelled a colnago and is TT. I have the EXACT same signature on the bottom of my bb. Have any information abbout em??

Do want

Do want

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