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BMC Time Machine TT02 Track         Featured Bike! on 04/27/2011

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BMC Time Machine TT02 / 55cm / 2008

NES5 Carbon integrated flat bars (cut down)

Easton EC90 carbon aero fork / integrated BMC headset

Sram S80 (Clincher) / Vittoria Corsa Evo CX

Specialized Tri Spoke (Tubular) / Vittoria Corsa Evo CX

Sram Red / Sram Red GXP glass BB

Colnago Prologo saddle / BMC carbon aero seat post

some no brand really light red pedals / sram red chain

Zero Gravity (front) / Tektro Lever

euro-asia import 16T cog / 42T carbon chainring on front

be you!!!

Roll how you want to!

nice bike

i think it looks realy fucking cool. i would own it. nice bike man.


Bwaaahahahahahahah, this thing's fucking mental.

What an absolute weapon of a hipster fixie.

You might call it a track bike, but the tiny flat bars, front brake and low gearing say otherwise...


Hands up, those in favor of seeing this thing with track drops.

Gears..oh and clips

Well a lot's been said here and everyone has grievances. No need to get twisted up. All I'm gonna say is the drops issue is moot to me. If this where mine it would have drops. And after a short stint riding fixed as shown (which admit it is probably fun as hell) then - I'd realize all that massive speed potential (just look at it) is wasted on one gear (esp that fun street ratio) and I want to push this thing as fast as it'll go - gears! Just build it up and go fast.

I can dig it

Two full pages worth of comments. Well Played sir.


just one thing to say...

why do you need it all streamlined when you have THAT gear ratio?

Fuck everyone who talks shot

Fuck everyone who talks shot on this bike man.... This build is amazing. Fucking jealous get to look at it everyday. Safe riding.


How does this fair in cross winds? I feel like I'd probably get knocked over in a slight breeze.

Regardless, looks rad as fuck, though I personally would ditch the goofy flat bars.

Holy sheet!! Not my taste

Holy sheet!! Not my taste but it's definitely impressive. I love how everything on here is $$$$$ and then you have a Tektro lever...classic. I guess you don't use the lever too much traveling between the planets.


Thank you for blowing my mind.

Cost effective? Probably not.

Totally fucking awesome? Absolutely.

Very cool bike

People who make fund of this probably do it for 2 reasons:
1. They can't afford anything like this
2. They believe everything that is not made of steel and / or 20 years old has no street credibility...
Hope you don't care and enjoy your bike.


this is the prettiest shit i have ever seen!
you built it sooo well, i fucking love bmc man, i wanted a track machine for the longest time, still do if i could find one. and i agree with the guy below me, Fuck these haters! i know everytime you look at that shit you smile, most these assholes who hate about dude your gearing, dude you bike is made for TT or for the velodrome dont even ride on those shits either, they are jealous AS FUCK!!!! and i not going to lie, i am. ill piss on all these haters with you hahaha, bet it rides amazing! keep strong man. the meaning of cycling is to enjoying riding and to have a passion for it, it doesnt matter where or how you ride or what you bought or what you do to it, this is no different then someone buying a full cabon road racing bike just to ride on. shit if you put cyclocross tires on it and rode it in the mud, WHO CARES! its your bike! I LOVE IT!

p.s. just one thing, you seem to like sram, so you should put the sram omniums on there, instead of the road crank, just think you'd like it better and you'll notice the difference with a track crank for sure, plus it seems your going for the whole track thing. just a friendly suggestion :)

dude, this bike is so

dude, this bike is so fucking sick. Don't listen to all the haters, if they had the dolla-dolla bills they would probably build up something even more Ridiculous.
Do you live in a hilly area that requires such low gearing? if not I implore you, for your bikes sake, to get a larger chainring, but that's just me-that thing is just screaming to go fast.

Also, there's lots of high-pressure, high TPI clinchers that are super light and pretty much nullify the clincher/ tubular debate, at least for anyone without a follow-car.

fucking so ill.

Why the controversy?

Ive friended this just to keep track of the comments it has generated! It looks superb to my eyes, I would! Love the minor details, hte cut down bar/stem combo and Red cranks etc.

Enjoy it!

Retention system?

I dont understand why a person would spend such an exorbitant amount of money on a bike and yet neglect to install a retention system of some sort. That is the type of mistake that a person makes on their shitty Schwinn conversion, not a BMC!!

Descents must be a fucking blast too, if you hit 25 on this thing you are spinning about 120 rpm (impossibly fast for a poseur such as yourself, especially without straps or clips)

What you have done is equivalent to taking a Ferrari and installing a Geo Metro engine and a Ford Model T transmission.
Think about it for a sec... what would be the engine?

too hot for words

this bike leaves the rest of the pieces of shit on velospace for dead.
amazing, that thing would score you sooooo many chicks, you must have a smoke'n hot girlfriend.



The new SRAM front reall

The new SRAM front reall makes it pop, it's cooler the second time around my man. Forget the hate, ride your crazy bike!

thanks dude.

thanks dude.

I think its lame that people

I think its lame that people rip on your bike, after all, its your money, and if you have fun with it, who gives a shit? I guess my only question, knowing how much this must've cost you (1,349 for the frame, 579 for the front wheel, about 1,750 for the rear wheel, 300 for the crank, not including the bb, etc...) why not go full custom? I guess to each their own. have fun

yeah thanks man, it did cost

yeah thanks man, it did cost a bit, but i built it over quite a while so it never really hit me that hard. by full custom, do you mean i should have had a frame specially made?

Yeah, have someone build

Yeah, have someone build something to your exact dimensions/specs. Maybe one of these folks: :-)

yeah i thought about it but

yeah i thought about it but that will have to be another project, this one i just kind of got carried away with the time trial look. theres a great frame builder near by actually, famous in melbourne, check out his stuff:
i would love to learn to build my own frame.

Those are nice.. I'd go with

Those are nice.. I'd go with a geekhouse if I had the cash. And at some point I'd love to apprentice to one of the great builders, learn fillet brazing, maybe titanium smithing.

yeah geekhouse have some

yeah geekhouse have some really nice shapes down. but for my next, if it ever happens i really want thin steel tubing, classic geomotry, as a road bike. just clear coated steel looks great too. but who knows, theres heaps stuff im interested in. will you ever build up a dream bike, possibly a custom geekhouse? or not worth spending so much on a bike, like i have?

Oh I definitely want a

Oh I definitely want a custom, but thats a looooong ways off, or if I prove that competitive cycling is more than just a hobby. Actually, speaking of raw, I'd definitely like to have a Geekhouse mudville (their cross bike) thats been polished then powdercoated clear. I think that'd be all kinds of sick. And a Lynskey Helix. And maybe an Engin fixie.

well if it ever happens let

well if it ever happens let me know. id go the lynskey helix, thats a nice bike and titanium is the best.

They'll all go up on

They'll all go up on velospace when and if I ever get that kind of cash

Honest question

Are you worried you will strip that carbon chainring if you skid, or do you just use the brake to stop? Nice parts man, but if I were you I would run a regular chainring that would give you a higher gearing, but that's just me. I mean it is your bike, so do what you want. Your bike must weigh around 14lbs maybe less, that's just absurd!

my friends at a local bike

my friends at a local bike shop have tested out different types of chainrings with tensile testing machines (engineers) and they've assured me that they are actually very strong. i was a little concerned at first but now riding it, it actually feels very stiff, very secure. im use to not having a brake so i havnt really been using this one. but i dont want to risk crashing this bike, hence the brake. and i cant get it insured without one.


I like how you put "(engineers)" after talking about a tensile strength testing machine. I've worked with one before and I don't need you to inform me of what its used for. Your bike needs gears for one reason, because thats what the frame was designed for(whether it goes on the track or not). You abviously don't know shit about bikes, because you are running 42-16 on a BMC Time machine. I'm assuming you wanted those wheels for their weight and aero design. Well let me inform you of something, you won't even be able to take advantage of the aero design unless you are pushing 170 rpm, because that's how fast you are going to have to spin your cranks to get up to 35 mph. By that time your ass will be bouncing on the seat and you will eat pavement. Have fun and enjoy your overpriced epic fail. Thanks for playing!

wow, your a very angry

wow, your a very angry person. im just glad i could build a bike that can actually make someone this angry just looking at it on a computer. what you dont understand is i didnt build this bike to win world championships you idiot, i didnt build it to reach 100 miles per hour and to be honest i dont care what it weighs, how aerodynamic it is or what you think. it was built for fun, yes thats right i find building up crazy looking bikes fun. and thats exactly what it has achieved, everywhere i ride it people are crazy for it, it looks great its fun to ride. it cost me just over four thousand AUD and everythings brand new, thats cheap! i could sell it in pieces right now and make a profit. so why dont you crawl back to your leader/ windsor or whatever dream machine you ride, get on it and ride around thinking shit yeah im fast all the while calculating just how aerodynamic, light and rpm efficient you really are. because god knows you own the coolest bike in the world. and lucky it, it has the owner to match.
thanks for the advice.


Don't get me wrong your bike looks beautiful. Its a very classy and clean build. I'm just saying that you could easily built a machine that fits your needs better that was way less expensive. The least you could agree with me on is the gearing. You are just missing out on so much speed with a bike like this. If you just bumped it up to a 42t chainring at the least, you would feel a major difference in top end speed. Maybe speed just isn't your thing, but I know that I like to get the most out of my bike. Glad to see you are enjoying your build in my opinion though I just think it deserves gears and 99 percent of people that aren't hipsters and know how bike design works would agree.

ok, thankyou. but it is a

ok, thankyou. but it is a 42T chainring. and one day it might get some gears. but for the meantime it looks better without them.

Take notes....

because this is a proper setup:

It's funny how upset this

It's funny how upset this makes some people.

Good god this looks fun to ride!

rene from

Yeah it is good to see someone doing something fresh.
Nice bike!
I hope you get that corima rear sorted with a track conversion.

There are some really jealous people on here! ha ha....very funny stuff. It's just a bike, guys.

thanks dude, i gave up on

thanks dude,
i gave up on the corimas, couldnt convert it. ill just hang onto them till i want a road bike i guess. ill upload photos of it finished soon...... hopefully. i need to take some first.


post completed pictures?

tomorrow, theyll be up. just

tomorrow, theyll be up.
just finished yesterday, its so cool.

Pretty crazy bike must go

Pretty crazy bike must go really fast huh


Nice conversion...
Thanks for pissing me off

Once more, with feeling:


I can sort of relate to

I can sort of relate to this. I love it!I think I only pissed off roadies with my build but I think you pissed off just about everybody with this one.great job!I truly do dig this bike. It looks like it would ride great.there are things I would have done differently but it is not my bike so I won't waste anyones time by listing them. stay up&keep riding!


enjoy gluing a new tubular every time you skid.
also, since this bike is so impractical to begin with, why not just run it single speed and footjam when you need to stop?

umm why would someone who

umm why would someone who rides fixed gear bikes start whinging about the impracticalities of my bike. dont know if youve forgotten but fixed gear bikes are actually made for the track, not the streets. fixies in general are completely impractical. Its for fun not having the most pure set up track bike there ever was. how boring. and ive ridden tubs on a fixie before, they perform better than clinchers, these go to 200psi, are 320 tpi and take 2 mins to change over if i get a puncture. i find it much easier.


It gets annoying when people call it a fixie. It makes you sound like a tool and a fag.


Well i like it. Hope she gets to the track one day (maybe with a higher gearing)but i like it.

nice clour


i would break the shit out of that bike on the street

be careful.

Let people complain all they want

You are doing your own thing. Keep it up. Don't let people drag you down. Ride what you want. Enjoy this thing. It's a bike, it's your bike. Just ride it and love it.

my words exactly!!!

my words exactly!!!

what is this

you are trying so fucking hard



This is absolutely

This is absolutely hilarious. That bike is insane. This makes me want to build something similar just to see how many jealous haters I can drag out of the wood work.

Because you live in some 3rd world mexican shithole and ride a clapped out converted schwinn doesn't mean other people are in the same boat. I'd ride that thing all day long and not worry about it being taken from me. Although Sydney was founded by a bunch of prisoners and convicts (sorry I'm a Kiwi) doesn't mean he has to worry about it being stolen or getting mugged by a bent police officer. Reading these comments made my day.

Like I said earlier, awesome unique build mate.

have you ever been out of nz?

probably not

thanks dude, glad you enjoy

thanks dude, glad you enjoy my work. ill enjoy ripping it past these haters in the streets.

Everything that people have

Everything that people have said about your bike is true, not to mention not everyone who says something negative doesn't just ride their bike. This bike just looks like your spoiled out the ass and have nothing better to do

what your saying is you cant

what your saying is you cant ride nice parts. i couldnt care less what you think of me, and im glad that at least this bike is getting so much attention, i just think its sad how fukin cool you all are.

have you put any miles on

have you put any miles on it? i dont see a chain. clinton

yeah isaid in the notes, im

yeah isaid in the notes, im still awaiting a few parts, its down to just the cog now, but the back wheel might change, spacing complications! ill upload pictures in a couple of weeks when its completed, i rode it as a single speed just to get a feel of what its like but thats it.


"the parts ive always wanted"? are you kidding me? "always" implies a long period of time, you are 19, you saw all this shit on velospace, reading hipster blogs, or fucking ebay... in the last year maybe.
what other bikes have you owned???

HAHAHAHAHAHA, i just checked

HAHAHAHAHAHA, i just checked out your bike.
can anyone who comes accross this please note my boy thomas here says:
"you saw all this shit on velospace, reading hipster blogs, or fucking ebay"
DUDE! your riding a fuckin cannondale on an aerospoke with a velocity, spoke cards, risers and a whole lot of other shit straight off the shelf at your local inner city bike store. who are you to say jack shit about my bike, your riding the exact same fuckin fixie as the other 30 million 15 year olds out there. maybe you should get off the "hipster bike blogs" yourself!!



OH YEAH!!!! Gaint bowery

OH YEAH!!!! Gaint bowery beats cannondale anyday!!!!

ive ridden bikes as long as

ive ridden bikes as long as i can remember, my uncle was a professional road racer and he got me into road riding when i was young, ive owned many bikes none this good. ive built this up over a year and a half, youll see ive only been a member of velospace for a couple of months. how is any of this "hipster" i have a bmc frame, how many of those do you see? i have corimas, ive never seen them on a bike before. and ive changed high end road bike parts to suit a fixed gear, given the fact i was brought up around road bike parts. This bike really couldnt be any more unusual or custom. how am i following any trend other than possibly riding a fixed gear? you seem to be following a much greater trend yourself.... hating on them!

get fuked if your not gonna

get fuked if your not gonna give any constructive critisism

m an stfu with that, this is

m an stfu with that, this is an open forum, if someone has an opinion they are free to write what they want, stfu with your get fucked shit,

no shit everyone "just rides" "just ride your bike" i hate people who say that shit, its like anyone who rides a carbon frame that was meant to be raced is not in the game to "just ride" it doesn't make sense. He's runnign integrated risers... to save weight?... for racing? It's just such a fucking atrocity, does this thing not hurt your eyyes?

their not risers. thats all.

their not risers.
thats all.

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