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Mistake SE Draft

Bike tags: Single speed
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SE Draft





really very crappy




I bought this bike on an impulse because it was SUPER CHEAP and I hadn't had any money for a new bike in many years. It is really a hopeless piece of crap and I use it now for local grocery/beer/burrito/billiards/etc... anybody want it for ONE HUNDRED FIFTY BUCKS you got it. (Rack and basket not included)

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looks like the same bike my

looks like the exact same duplicate bike my former roommate had. What a heavy POS that was. He didn't seem to mind it though, he kept the back brake on and just skids all the time on the singlespeed.

one possibility

As you see it with the tires it has on there it could possibly be a good camping bike. The lakes around here in the East Bay that my friends and I camp at have hard packed dirt trails that surround them. I could possibly get a cheap BB converter and a decent crank set with a small SS mountain bike style chainring and use it for that. Does that sound worth it to anybody?


I have a lager and.... sigh.....

i as well

bought an SE bc i was lured in by price. i was unhappy when i realized what i had bought.
gave it to a friend and bought another less crappy bike for the streets.


clean your room, make your mom proud

Agreed. I had a 2007 model.

Agreed. I had a 2007 model. I was lured in by the price. I kept it for maybe 4 months and wound up selling it on Craigslist.

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