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Georama NJS

Bike tags: Track bike
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Mavic/32h Suzue




EAI Cog 50x15

Fast. Really, really fast.....

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Very nice crank/chainring combo!

love the paint job

the sparkle paint looks great. don't listen to any of these fools.

looks good

This bike looks good!!


I have a white carbon trispoke I will sell you.. I live in Portland..Sell the aerospoke and put something nice on there.. Njs its not a pake...






on an njs frame......epic fail

any aerospoke on any frame

any aerospoke on any frame at all= fail


Thanks for the hate. I love my bike. It looks way cooler than yours. It's faster too.

Its cool man....

I hope you have fun racing in japan with your njs certified bike......oh wait you live in portland, then have fun riding to the coffee shop.


Ha what is wrong with this guy?! What kind of asshole has the time to go on velospace solely to talk shit on people with awesome bikes? Did your parents not hug you enough? Is your dick THAT small? Get a life you f*ckin' loser.
P.S. For the record I HAVE raced this bad boy on the track and I HAVE ridden to many coffee shops on it. It's great. I love it. Keep your dumb ass opinions to yourself, nobody asked you a damn thing.

A bike is not fast.

The rider is.

I actually wouldn't know. I

I actually wouldn't know. I don't know how to ride a bike.

Indian whatever

Indian whatever, your bike sucks ass... No credit to comment...

well that would depend on

well that would depend on how fast your biking

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