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1981 Piaggio Bianchi Track Bike         Featured Bike! on 12/8/2009

Bike tags: Fixed gear
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1981 Celeste 57 cm Bianchi Track Frame

Cinelli Crit Bars, Italian made Specialized Quill stem with shaped nut

Stock Bianchi Fork, Campangolo Super Record

Campagnolo Super Record High Flange Hub laced with Double Butted DT spokes to a NOS Ambrosio 32 Hole Rim

Campagnolo Super Record High Flange Hub laced with Double Butted DT spokes to a NOS Ambrosio 32 Hole Rim

165 Campagnolo Super Record Track Cranks and BB

Celeste Turbo, Bianchi pantographed Campagnolo Super Record

*not pictured(Campagnolo Super Record Track), Wipperman Whitestar

14 tooth Campagnolo cog to a 46 tooth ring

By far my favorite bike I have ever owned/ridden. Basically NOS if you count the wheels (rebuilt by myself). A friend of a friend hooked me up with this beauty for a great deal. The gentleman had it sitting in storage for 20 some odd years and then decided it was time to clean house. When I started to overhaul it I was amazed to see the stock campagnolo grease still in all the bearings. I put in alot of time and effort into this bike and it is definitely worth it. I ride it as often as possible, even though some people argue it should be hanging on a wall, I still say no bike is too nice to ride.

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Purchase it!

I really want to buy this beauty queen, how?!
How may i transfer it's ownership to me?!

any chance of some higher

any chance of some higher resolution pics?

Celeste Turbo?!

That is the first celeste colored turbo I have seen. Beautiful bike!

I don't hate all pistas

Nice Bianchi!

Awesome! Such good condition

Awesome! Such good condition for its age.

I have a 1982 Piaggio Pista, but nothing is chromed like it is on every other Piaggio Pista that I have seen. Do you have any information about this?

Thanks a lot :).

bianchi super/piaggio pista

i've owned three bianchi 80's track bikes: two super pista(s) 1982/85 and one eco 1983

currently i'm down to just one - 1985 pista (mint condition)

i noticed the two "flagship" framesets as fully chromed beneath the celeste

a friend bought my 1983 super pista and had it painted in team italy blue with sections/bands of white (on the dt and st) to frame black bianchi logos. fork was stripped and left chromed as were the rear seat-stays.


however, i liken it to painting a berlinetta lusso swb ferrari mopar-green,,, or bianchi celeste

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------Margaret Mead

Thanks for that! The catalog

Thanks for that! The catalog is really awesome, and helps a lot.

The bike I currently own doesn't seem to be chromed under the paint anywhere. Very odd. However... there is a lot of rust on my frame, so maybe the rust is covering the chrome where it is peeking out.

Thanks again and take care!


There seems to be alot of variation as to the amount of visable chrome on the bianchi track bikes during the piaggio days. Also the type of pantographing and placement varies. Even during the same production year. I have seen three 1981 bikes and one mint 1980 all with different chrome and pantographing. One looked the same as mine with chrome fork and track ends, but also had a chrome fork crown showing with "B"'s pantographed on the flat top. All these bikes where handmade and painted by different people so while the same standard of quality is maintained throughout, there are somewhat subtle differences in chrome/paint. I can say that all the Piaggio Bianchi track bikes I have seen, all have been chrome underneath the paint, but that doesn't mean it is true of all. Sorry if this wasn't much help, but that is about all I know.

Thanks for the information.

Thanks for the information. Thats very interesting about the variation of details. I love that! :)

Hopefully I can find out more about my exact model, but perhaps it is just a different builder trying something else. The rust covering my frame could be a sign that it is chrome under the paint.

Thanks again. Take care,


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