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Celeste Blue Mercier Kilo tt

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44cm Mercier Kilo TT


WTB DEVA saddle

Just got it today. Will replace its stock parts soon.

- I need a brake.
- and a women's saddle. :P

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short girls ftw!

yay! i ride a 44cm kilo too! love the color =D

hey i also ride a 44cm kilo

hey i also ride a 44cm kilo tt... i swapped my stem for a 90mm so I can have a shorter reach.

ooo cool! i want to get a

ooo cool! i want to get a shorter reach too. Friended you! :)

oh yeah i forgot, nice bike!

oh yeah i forgot, nice bike! short riders ftw!

learn something new everyday

I didn't know that there was a 44cm frame so that's cool! One of my friend's girlfriend is 5'5 and her legs are really short, she can't even fit a 47! Then again, I'm 5'3 but I have long legs and I ride a 52cm LOL so it all varies on how long your legs are!



whooaaa 44cm hehe

why is the top tube slanted?

why is the top tube slanted?

most smaller bikes have

most smaller bikes have sloping top tubes.

Wanting... get one in that size for my girlfriend. is there Toeverlap?

no not really.^^

no not really.^^

That color looks great!

That color looks great!

that is so tiny

that is so tiny

that is so tiny

that is so tiny


how did you get it in this color?
i have it in the MetalBlue color


bikesdirect just released a whole new set of limited colors for the kilo tt about 2 weeks ago. :3

It's really pretty in person.

looks dope

super fresh for a girl, my ? is how tall are you? I'm trying to figure out which size is best for my gf and she has decided she wants to get the mercier kilo tt also...she's 5'3" and her legs are kinda short LoL THANKS!!!

i am pretty petite. 5'0''

i am pretty petite. 5'0'' exact and my inseam is about 27.5 inches w/o shoes. yeah, i have short legs too. :P the 44cm bike has a standover of 28.5 but i was able to ride it with shoes on. :P reaching over towards the handle wasn't that difficult for me either, so i think it's fine for girls my size. tell her to get it! It's a really nice bike. :3

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