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SAMSON,you wanna talk to

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1/2 NJS samson 1/2 mikkelsen

Nitto B 123 NJS drops w/ 80mm NJs Nitto Jag

NJS Hatta Headset



NJS 7710 Dura Ace w/ 7710 NJS Octalink DurAce BB

BLACK NOS Selle Italia Regal

MKS Pedals w/ Izumi Chain

Phil Wood Cog 17t w/ DuraAce Model 7710 46t Chainring

So uhh as you all know my frame got very much hurt in a superglue in bikelock accident...I sent my frame to the Mikkelsen's in Alemeda, Ca to have my downtube replaced...which btw they did a wonderful job! I am going to leave the bike looking savage with half org. half steel. I figure in the city it will make my bike look a little less desirable and people will stop fucking with it! If you live in california and need a bike frame repair I 100% reccomened you take your frame to the Mikkelsen's. ...they also make custom frames=)! PS NEW PHOTOS OF MY SMIKKELSEN FRANKENBIKE WILL BE UP SOON!

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i've been to mikkelsen's shop and i will second that they are very good people, if you need some work done and you live near the bay area hit them up

nice samson yo.

nice samson yo.

thats a

crazy upgrade

Down tube dent...

That sucks about your down tube... I saw it on the MontanoVelo Myspace page. Hope the ride is still sweet.



i know im so heart broken....i will get him fixed though=)! i just miss him is all. i have this beater bike im ridin on for the tim bein and welll its just not the same=(!

love this bike

love this bike


I think I've seen your bike @ pier 1 in SF.

sweet bike!!


I love this bike...please tell it I said hello.


def one of my favorite bikes on here
love the red

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