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Ciöcc "Designer 1984" Super Record

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Ciöcc Designer 84, Columbus SLX tubing, 56cm

Cinelli Champione del Mondo, Cinelli 110mm stem, Fizik bar tape

Ciöcc fork, Tange headset, Superrecord is on the way

Mavic G40 laced on high flange Campagnolo Super Record Hubs

Mavic G40 laced on high flange Campagnolo Super Record Hubs

Campagnolo Strada 175mm

Campagnolo Seatpost (C-Record?) , Selle Italia Turbo saddle

Campagnolo Gran Tour Pedals

52/42 front 14-20 rear 12 Speed

Got this frame more than four years ago and built a fixed gear first. After searching parts for a long time this beauty looks like on her first day in 1984. Rides really nice, shifting is a little bit tricky, when youre used to ride a 10 speed record.
Still searching for a Superrecord seatpost and brakeshoes.

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real sweety!

thx! just rode it again

thx! just rode it again yesterday :)


The paint and the internal cable guides are awesome! I wish mine had internal cabling as well. Were aero levers ever part of the SR group from this period?

yeah, that frame was a lucky

yeah, that frame was a lucky find. the levers are the normal campy record levers. they looked pretty the same from mid 70ies to mid 80ies. followed by the beautiful c-record levers.

or do you meant the shifting

or do you meant the shifting levers? someone drilled them. tuned up campy shifters :)

I meant... brake levers. Like where the cable comes out of the back of the lever and gets wrapped under the bar wrap, instead shooting out of the top of the lever.

nono....campy produced no

nono....campy produced no aero levers in 1984...c-record aero levers came in 85.

Also Perfect!

Also Perfect!

Soo sexy!

Soo sexy!

so nice

so nice


Looks amazing. Was that frame in that good of shape when you got it?

thx :-) the frame was in

thx :-) the frame was in really nice condition when i got it. no restoration, only cleaning.

very cool

I have g40's laced to regular super records on my dad's old touring bike. Have to admit your campy derauilers look a lot cleaner than mine.

found the derailleur on a

found the derailleur on a wrecked bike on the street :-) in horrible condition, that was a lot of work to clean it.


You're saying that SR was on a "wrecked bike" on the street and looked horrible? Cleaning? Never seen someone pull a NOS rabbit out of the hat like this...lord.

This Page helped me a lot to

This Page helped me a lot to clean it:

now i know every single part of the bike :-) interesting experience. and well...i had time the whole summer to build it.


I know that site well. But STILL amazed you essentially found a wrecked bike with that Campag Super Record RD in horrible shape. It actually almost looks like a NOS item. Lord, that's beyond mere cleaning to miracle status. heh.... Well-done.

Maybe the

wrecked bike was in a race and the rider had been taken to the hospital? ;)



I bought the same bike but I have problem with toptube and cable guide.
Cable guide needs replacing.
Does the cable guide and cabel for rear brake go through entire toptube?
Or is it 2 pieces (one from handlebars to the toptube and then another form rear of the toptube to the rear brake)? In which case what kind of end for cabel do I use because normal caps are too big?

Problem is when I tried to remove cable guide it broke so I dont know if it has piece left inside toptube.

i have a one cable housing

i have a one cable housing in one piece from front to back. think yours is still buried in the top tube. good luck!

Odd, I am pretty sure there

Odd, I am pretty sure there is a brass tube inside toptube. Frames and coloring are 100% same.

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