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nitto 110mm, nitto b123 40cm


sun m13 II 36h formula hub

sun m13 II 36h formula hub

sugino 75 170mm 50t, sugino 75 bb

san marco "profil" (no "e" in profile..fuckin euros...)

mks sylvan pedals,mks clips, mks straps, izumi chain


XB3 Record

This is XB3 «Rekord», basic, mass produced Soviet track frame. It is produced since mid 50-s with various changes until 1992. Your frame looks like mid-late-90-s one, you can production year stamped at right dropout.



I've got same frame, 58cm, red, indestructible and stylish!

where did you got it?


There is one on ebay right now but not nearly as good of condition. I think I am going to bid. How do you like it?

i have one too.

i bought one just like it near the end of the summer. the guy i bought it said it was a 1986 russian olympic track bike. he said that it was most likely used in training rather than the actual olympics but he wasn't sure. i've heard the ukrainian comment before as well. but. . . the other day i found a picture of someone riding the same bike in tokyo but instead of being blue it was a gold color. that's all i know.

any chance you picked this

any chance you picked this up on ebay a while ago? I saw one like it and wished it was my size. Amazing, unique bike


hey there, sweeeet frame. i'm looking at one right now on ebay that looks nearly identical. how much are these things worth ya think?


I actually picked up the frame on e bay. Its SOOOOO beefy, these things are gonna outlast the human race. I think the russian lettering on the bikes actually says RECORD, though I'm not sure.

XB3 bike

Hey, could you please post a close up picture of a decal, I could probably tell you more about this bike. I spend a great amount of time in Moscow velodrome in the late 80's. So far judging by the heat badge: I can tell it’s a product of XB3 (Ukranian velo factory in Kharkov). I owned a road version of this bike, back in 1989 it was called Sputnik and my brother owned a Champion. They had exactly the same lugs and head badge.
These bikes are very rare, especially in this perfect condition.

You’re lucky guy.


The only thing i know is.. i wish it was mine....... its nice, I have only seen one other Russian track bike, and it wasn't as nice.

Just picked one up

Just picked up a XB3 Rekord on CL in NY. for 300 bucks complete it was a bargain. Notes on it. 56CM a little dinged up here and there, shotty lugwork and welds, looks like it can take collision and stay rideable. Definitely different then anything else out there.

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