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intersection bike

Bike tags: Fixed gear | orange | paramedic | yates
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Truvativ Hussefelt

nothing to brag about, with some carbon thrown in

Velocity DeepV (rim+ hub) + Maxxis Fuse

Velocity DeepV (rim+ hub) + Maxxis Fuse

Sugino 75 + ShimanoBB

Brooks Swift, random seat post

Shimano + Izumi


It had a brake in its youth. Gone now (enough paramedics around London to rescue me when I'll hit a bus).
When I bought the frame a seatpost was stuck in it, hence its poor state before powdercoating.
Thanks A LOT to Dave and Carlos at !
Main photo by Paul Zak.

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its lovely my man.

its lovely my man.


Beautiful bike! Love the Orange!


neat tidy

Brilliant photography and a

Brilliant photography and a brilliant-looking bike to boot; quite sweet. I'm a fan of the sort of unorthodox top tube.

Intersection Magazine Prime

Hi there,

Interested in how the Intersection photo shoot went down, who's idea was it in the first place, what team brought bike to its current state etc.?

Care to share?

I have the Intersection magazine with the bike in it. That mag has a ton of concept cars in it with models galore.


Single Speed Urban Kush: Bianchi SASS & Raleigh XXIX

Dang stuck seat posts!

Yeah when I got this frame it was the same thing with the stuck post, well I guess that was the reason I got it. But it looked the same as yours. Did the blow torch work to get your seat post out?

A propos du frein…

une petite question à propos du frein sur ta velocity "non machinée" ça freine bien ? t'as pas de traces noires après un freinage ?…
j'ai aussi des velocity non machinées et j'ai quelques soucis de freinage…

Looking Good

orange is the new black

thanks for the comments!

So indeed this bike travels a lot - since january it has been in London, Paris, NYC, Phoenix, Milan, and Lake Como!

Intersection stickers? I have a couple but no real stock.. send me a message if you really want some.


This bike looks like it would just be a joy to ride around leisurely, never breaking a sweat. I love it.


Possibly my favourite magazine in the whole world. Are there any more Intersection stickers in existence? ;)


Great Photos colors and style

Sweet as....

I've seen this in bikefix through its various stages, starting with the stuck seatpost to pre-build, last time I saw it the frame was mostly black cos Carlos had set it on fire!! I just assumed this was gonna be another beater, I had no idea it was gonna turn out like this, it is absolutely stunning, quite probably one of the nicest bikes on here...Congratulations!!!


That photo looks awesome...nice job.

looks awesome

looks awesome

yea man that think is rad!

I love that bike,
love the pursuits w/risers

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