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"AEON" Pista

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | 2005 | 44/16 | 53cm | more tags >>
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2005 Bianchi Pista Chrome 53cm (Stripped)

Handlebars: Dimension Flat Top TT bars, Stem: Thomson x2 Elite (silver)

Fork: Stock Headset: Chris King

Rim: Velocity Deep V (black/machined), Hub: Phil Wood 32h, Spokes: DT Swiss Competition, Nippels: DT Swiss Pro-Lock brass

Rim: Velocity Deep V (black), Hub: Phil Wood 32h (fixed/fixed), Spokes: DT Swiss Competition, Nippels: DT Swiss Pro-Lock brass

Crankset: Sugino Grand Mighty, Chainring: Sugino Zen Messenger, Bottom Bracket: Phil Wood

Saddle: Selle Italia SLR, Seat Post: Thomson Elite (silver)

Pedals: Crank Brothers Egg Beater SL Chain: KMC BMX Nickle Plated

Cog: EAI 16t, Gearing: 44/16

RELoad Top Tube Protector, MKS Chaintugs, Phil Wood "Chrome Dome" mounting washers, Syntace "Space Controll" bar end TT brake lever, Hope bar end plug, Shimano "Ultegra" brake, Continental "Ultra Gatorskin" tires, Onguard seat tube lock, cool little steerer tube spacer mounted bell

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How did you get the Logos

How did you get the Logos off? Are they decals or painted on?

grand mighty's

how are those cranks treating you?


luv your "aeon" set up. sexy.

Question about seat tube lock...

can ya send a closer picture of it as well as a desc. of how it works. Might need to look into getting one of those myself.


Looks amazing, incredible work. Such a solid chrome style without the decals.

Just curious: did you clearcoat the stripped areas? Any recommendations on what to use?

Again, nice work.

Best looking Pista...

to date. No doubt.

dope bike.

was wondering how you stripped the bike to bare chrome, i was thinking of doing the same.

Decal Removal Project

I found this post on, and it worked like a charm:

1. search

2. broke down the bike, cleaned off all the areas around the decals, and masked the surrounding areas with tape. this took awhile due to a winters worth of grime had collected.

3. tried using goo gone & a blow dryer. totally didn't work, not one bit.

4. using a 1.5" paintbrush I applied a light coat of jasco adhesive remover (thanks Fixer!!) and let it set for 5 minutes.

5. Crazy! this stuff immediately started attacking the clearcoat/decal (you could actually hear it work). I then used an old calling card to scrape away the flakes. Not all of the decal came off so I decided to repeat step 4 for longer.

6. 15 min after the 2nd (more generous) application I went back and noticed that the clear coat tends to flake off, while the decal itself turns into a weird juice substance that you could easily wipe off.

This made me realize that a large amount of jasco is needed to get the clear coat off and that a very thin layer is need to jucify the decal. If I was doing this on a bike with paint I'd either use very little jasco the 2nd time or just goo gone & elbow grease so I wouldn't ruin the paint.

7. Flip bike over & do the other side. even though jasco is a semi-paste applying it upside down seemed like a recipe for instant baldness

8. I then removed the masking tape & used goo gone & tape to remove any remaining junk

9. wiped, washed, & dried frame. remasked.

10. sprayed several coats of krylon enamel clear coat.

and voila done!

tools of the trade

All of Stickerguy's steps worked well. Do look specifically for the Jasco Adhesive remover.

I used a thick coat of jasco and let it sit. You can actually see it work and bubble up the clear coat and work into the decal. If you rush it, then you will see little bits of clearcoat and logo that the jasco didn't get into. Let it sit. I don't think that it will hurt the chrome much. I let the jasco sit on the clearcoat for about 20 or so minutes. Used a plastic fast food knife with a serated edge and scraped up the clearcoat as it buibbles up. I even dabbed here and there to get rid of bits. You can tell if you have clearcoat left as the Jasco will react with it, but not on the chrome.

I wiped it clean, and then washed it.


Here's the materials safety data sheet for the Jasco Adhesive Remover:

Seriously, wear gloves. This stuff is very poisonous. I recommend not doing this as a stony project, or drinking copious amounts.

I'm debating whether or not to clear coat. You can see how the naked chrome looks so much brighter. The clearcoated sections looked almost milky. If I had the time I would strip everything off the bike and jasco the entire thing. all the little dings, and nicks that were on the clear coat and that I thought were on the bike dissappeared. The frame looks almost new.

I'll look at it under better light tomorrow and decide about the clearcoat then. I can see using the clearcoat to protect against dings and whatnot, but I'd rather not complicate this project more then needed.


It is amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it. You have really made this your own.

so this is your

so this is your

New Wheels

Yep, this is my baby.

I added a new pic. that has all my new junk on it. New wheels (Phil Wood & Velocity w/ DT Swiss spokes & nippels), bars (Syntace), and chain (Sram PC-1 Nickel Plated).

Chris King headset, Carbon strait blade fork, Thompson Elite stem & seat post (All Black) coming up next!

best pista ever

what's with all this pista angst anyway? mine's a treat.

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