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F. Moser Vintage bike

Bike tags: Road bike | campagnolo | Moser | record
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Francesco Moser 61 cm

Moser fork, Campangnolo Athena

Campagnolo Lambda / Campangnolo Athena

Campagnolo Lambda / Campangnolo Athena

Campagnolo Athena / Campagnolo Athena

Vetta, Campagnolo Athena

Campagnolo Athena

Campagnolo Athena

Campagnolo Athena

I don't know anything about old F. Moser road bikes, I don't know which frame it is... At least headset, crankset and seatpost could be C-Record though I'm not sure at all ... Any Moser experts here who could give me some hints?

Edit: I just found out that the crankset is not C-Record but Croce D'Aune!

Update: I finally edited the setup!

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wow!mate i have i bike allmoust identcle,only that on all my bike,i meen all part is writen "shimano 600" and i have a modern pedals,more modern one i guess......and i want to sell her and i dont now what price should i ask

If it was a little smaller,

If it was a little smaller, there wouldnt be much that'd beat it in terms of awesomeness!

GrĂ¼sse aus der Schweiz :-)

hi, danke, aber wenn ich mir


danke, aber wenn ich mir deine renner so anseh, dann erstarre ich in demut :-) sehr schoene teile was du da hast!


Parts inventory

I built up a late '80s Bianchi a few months back, so I have a lot of Campagnolo catalogs around...

Brakes: Athena. Record/Croce d'Aune have triangular Delta brakes; Chorus has 'monoplanar' calipers, where the arms interlock - one arm pierces through the other, instead of being back-to-back.

Seatpost: Croce d'Aune/Chorus/Athena. They all look about the same; the more expensive ones have finer finishes. Record has a different seatclamp.

Crankset: Hard to tell, but one of the ones below Record, which has a hidden fifth bolt (one chainring bolt/arm is underneath the drive-side crankarm). Again, the difference between the other models is mostly in the polishing.

Headset: I'm guessing Croce d'Aune or Chorus, based on the other bits; they probably all came as a gruppo. If you ever take the fork off, the Record headset has holes drilled into the upper flange inside the headtube, to reduce weight.

Front derailleur: Can't tell. All the C-Record era models look about the same; the big difference is weight, usually from titanium bolts.

Rear derailleur:Hard to tell from the photo. If there's a rod along the lower edge of the parallelogram cage, it's Croce d'Aune (which is my guess, from the shape of the pulley cage).

Wheels/hubs: Photos? Rim info? are there clips going around the center of the hub bodies?

Very pretty!


Very very nice, thanks for your info, really amazing! :-)

I investigate the wheels as soon I get back to the bike since it is in Vienna right now ...

check this out: there is one person in Vienna who is going to sell a very similar bike for 2900 EUR, which might be 3700 dollars right now.


I agree, mostly

I don't think such a bike is worth 2900 EUR (at today's exchange rate, that converts to USD 4123 - wow!), but it is a useful item for comparison. You might compare the details of his bike to your own, to identify the manufacturing time.

For example: The first photo has a championship stripe marked 1978, before Moser manufactured bikes. That must represent Francesco Moser's own world championship. From the parts on both bikes, I would guess that the manufacturing period is 1988-1990.

The brakes, crankset and seatpost match, which suggest that Athena/Chorus was the standard gruppo for this model.

In his photos, you can see the Oria label on the downtube. What you can also see on both bikes is what looks like a Columbus decal on the seat tube; that may have a tubing model on it.

He does have a clearer photo of the rear derailleur than you do; his is definitely an Athena (the same pulley cage as the Croce d'Aune, but no 'twin-axle' rod underneath the derailleur cage; the Chorus has a different cage altogether). Each of the second-tier rear derailleurs at this time had a gimmick:

  • Croce d'Aune had Twin-Axle to keep the spacing equal between the derailleur cage and the freewheel cogs
  • Chorus had Dual-Mode to adjust the angle of the derailleur parallelogram to the frame
  • Athena had the Multi-Function System, a gearing sprocket mounted behind the hanger bolt, to change the angle to accommodate large freewheel cogs of different size (up to 30 teeth).

C-Record era (1988-1993) Athena and Chorus are cosmetically very different from the Athena/Chorus of the modern/index-shifting era (1994-present); CdA was discontinued in the modern era. As you can tell from the description above, there were some curious functional differences as well.

When you get to Wien, you might want to contact the seller and compare bikes. At least, he may be able to tell you something about the history of his bike, which might give you some useful information about yours.

(eaglerock has an eagle eye for history)


The model is Scatto with Athena components. I don't know whether the frame was available as a frame set or not but was named GIRO. Tubing is Oria ML25.

thanks for your input, but

thanks for your input, but the group does definitely look NOT like Athena, I used Athena a long time ago and the one on that bike is much better quality ... probably it was just a frame set equipped with different parts, headset is c-record or Croce D'Aune.


Actually the brake calipers and the rear derailleur are definitely Athena and therefore probably the rest of the gruppo also. That is not a bad thing! The brakes are EXCELLENT! I own a pair and they are very powerful and well finished. Do not compare them to the poorer quality of later years. The engineering and finish of the Athena gruppo in the first years was top notch. 2900 Euros is way too much for this bike however. Better deals to be had on

thanks, yes, it's definitely

thanks, yes, it's definitely Athena, and I'm happy with theses brakes ... they are really good. Did not change the spec yet, will do ...

Your bike is in the Moser

Your bike is in the Moser catalogue from 1990. Give me your e mail and I send you a scan. Btw the sticker on the seattube is a Moser sticker.

seat post

dunno much about strada parts, but that seat post does not look like a cRecord to me

C record is campagnolo

C record is campagnolo parts
but awesome bike, i like it

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