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VISP track bike

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VISP track frame

Nitto B123


campagnolo record

campagnolo record

campagnolo record 165mm

concor profil



new frame

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How does the frame fit & how

How does the frame fit & how tall are you?

as far as looks go i like

as far as looks go i like them. plus if you look at my langster comp decals and then look at this they are pretty much exactly the same.

toe overlap?

Do you have toe overlap on your frame?

your seat

give it to me

Looks good! but whats the story?

So are these the new leaders? Looks good enough but I keep seeing on ebay mad cheap, whats the catch?


thats not a leader. its a company called VISP. i wouldnt buy it my friend has one and its a piece of junk. the aluminum creaks and nothinh stays on tight and threads strip really easily. screw this thing dont buy it. smell ya later

spreat the word

yeah, spreat the word. how are they?

the geo looks kinda whack,

the geo looks kinda whack, look at the big headtube clearance and the top tube looks suuuper long, like 51x54 or somethin real long like that. Also as I recall they're made with kinda crappy alu, like leaders.

but damn for that tin cannish, mass produced frame you put a fucking baller wheelset and cranks. good parts spec. Not sure about that drop stem, but if youve got a super long torso and arms and fairly short legs that should fit you.

Whack? It looks whack? I

Whack? It looks whack? I don't think I've seen anything look whack since 6th grade.
I think the top tube just looks long because the seat is down low and the stem is short. The frame selection for shorter people isn't the best as far as geometry goes. I've had my fair share of top tubes that were way too long compaired to everything else.

the scoop...

i havent seen these around either, so i picked one up. here are my thoughts on them.

they are solid, they are heavy. the chain stays are a little clumbsy. i believe that you need a wider bottom bracket. i currently have a 112mm on mine so that my sugino 75s will clear the chain stays. that means that the chainline is 2mm out of line. it also means that most people will have to ride with toes in heels out. or duck pedal, what ever you call it. i do like the huge aerotubes. i do like the rear wheel gap. hate the front wheel to downtube gap. there is no toe overlap and the wheel should really come back some. the rear drop outs and the chain tensioners are pretty nice to have as well.

all in all, it is not a bad bike for the price. the frame has some flaws but you are not buying a highly engineered piece of racing machinery. is it solid, yes. does it look like leaders, yes. esp the old ones before the new 735t came out. i would give it about a 6 of 10, only for weight and the few flaws it has.


How much do these frames weigh?

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