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Rossin Track, Columbus Neuron

Nitto classics 42cm, Outland race stem

Steel chromed fork, Campagnolo Mirage threaded headset

Mavic Ellipse, Rubino Pro

Mavic Ellipse, Rubino Pro

Vintage TA track crank, 49t

Felt carbon saddle, Basic no-name two bolt alu 27.0 post

Look Keo carbon, KHE half-link chain

Miche 1/8 16t, 80.5 gear inches

I love my bike... Just got the wheels. I want nicer weather though, doing laps around my house in the meantime ahaha

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Bottom Bracket

Great Bike!
I was jus wondering what kind of Bottom Bracket you have? and what the threading on it is like? is it English 102mm or 107mm?


beautiful bike. how'd you

beautiful bike. how'd you get the KHE chain to work? i bought one and it was 7 links too short.


Sweetass bike! I almost got this frame myself. What's it weigh? Great match with my fav. wheelset ever. gj!


How are you digging that chain?
Looks really great.....


Interested in where you got the fork and for how much, if you dont mind me asking.


do you have any complaints about your wheel set? I am thinking of getting the same set.that bike is dope but I'm sure you know that.shit, anybody who knows anything about anything knows that!
stay up! from the 209

I actually just got them

I actually just got them from my work last thursday (feb 15th). The weather here is still not great so I haven't tried them out, only around my house a bit :). Umm, well the chain line issue some people have was a non-issue for me, everything lined up great. As for the hub shell/lockring threads, I won't know until I ride them. Mine are from an 07 batch, and while the specs of the 06 and 07s don't differ maybe these issues were addressed; hopefully. In the meantime I am going to pull apart the hub and check it out just for my interest, measure it with some calipers. I really hope I don't run into any issues once I start riding them.


NICE! Is that the fork that originally came with the frame?

Naw b. The frame originally

Naw b. The frame originally comes with an undrilled black fork with yellow rossin on each leg, unfortunately I didn't get the frame new and the fork wasn't included. I'm trying to track one down, appearantly they are very stiff and ride better than anything. I want one a lot, I ride with a front brake on the street, but i'd use it for the track.


This guy carries lots of Rossin stuff from the same era as your frame:

I believe he has a regular brick/mortar shop of the same name too. He might have a fork for you.

da tits !

I love your bike, so clean, great colors ,chrome fork and black stem. oh yea baby.
ps what lockring are you rocking and did you have to put a spacer between lockring and cog?
my Ellipse had mad problems back to the factory for an new rear wheel for me.

ellipse wheels (and i think

ellipse wheels (and i think all mavic hubs?) only accept mavic lockrings. i had the same problem with my new wheel and i had to order a special mavic lockring. it's mad frustrating riding a freewheel while i wait for some shit to come in from france because mavic needs to run some exclusive ass threading around their hubs.

I have the stock Mavic

I have the stock Mavic Lockring that came with them, it tightened up against the cog well. no need for a spacer. What cog and lockring were you running?


beautiful chainline...



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