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Umezawa NJS Keirin 56

Nitto B123 40cm NJS / Nitto jaguar 120mm NJS

Umezawa / Hatta

36h Dura Ace laced 3x to white Deep V

36h Dura Ace laced 3x to white Deep V

Sugino 75 NJS / Hatta 9400 NJS

Kashimax 8P NJS / Nitto Jaguar NJS

MKS Unique Royale pedals NJS /

18t Euro-Asia / 49t Sugino 75 chainring NJS

R.I.P. rode like a dream.

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ur whip

wut happen to it


That sucks that this whip is dead. This is easily one of my favorites on the site.


what happened to it?

frame is smashed.

frame is smashed.

Another perfect...

example of how to build up a track bike. Great blend of color...


really nice.
but that seat how can you ride that thing.
but it looks sooo nice on there.

what tires are those?

thanks man, yeah the seat

thanks man, yeah the seat starts to get painful on long rides. the tires are vittoria rubino pro in white. later

nice use of white

that's a gorgeous bicycle!

Lemme guess...


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