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Cinelli Mash

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Cinelli x Mash

HED Vantage 8 carbon aerobars /Nitto B123AA black drops w/Brooks bar tape, Nitto B-201 Risers/ Nitto Ui 5BX stem


HED Jet 6 c2 / HED front track hub

H+Son / Phil Wood Hub

Sugino GRAND MIGHTY / Sugino 75 Chainring/ Sugino 75 Superlap BB

San Marco Concor / Thompson Elite

MKS Custom Nuevo / SagLife Straps / Izumi ESH chain


ditched the risers, rolling w/ the HED Vantage 8 aerobars or drops. I'll update pics when I'm not feeling lazy

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those grand mighty's are

those grand mighty's are bitchin


That drivetrain is straight ill.

Very nice, hot

Nice setup, I was think about getting this frame as well, I am 5'6, I was wondering if the 50cm fits you perfect or maybe a 53cm will work?
Also how does it feel riding a pursuit bike and does having a rizer bar make the ride smoother. Thanks

im 5'6 as well and the 50

im 5'6 as well and the 50 fits me perfectly. I came off a 52' vigorelli which i wasn't too comfortable on. I don't ride with the risers,they were actually the only bars i had when i built it up. I'm running HED aerobars, which gets me lower, but ive gone on 40 mile swift pace rides no with no problem with the pursuit geo. It's actually not even pursuit geo, nor is it a true pursuit bike.

yeah more a long top tube

yeah more a long seat tube than really extreme angles on the headtube

Sick ride

How's the Toe overlap. Looks like ur front might actually clear the clips a little?

not experiencing any overlap

not experiencing any overlap


that bike is super dope... but a wackass saddle?... that jown has to go.

Dude. I love the sag to

Dude. I love the sag to straps

how are those sag straps?

how are those sag straps?

i think i saw this and

i think i saw this and commented when you had different components on and i must say that i'm sorry...if i'd have known that you were building it up to be this sick i would never have said anything bad about the bike. you throw on some drops like you said and that build will be soooo nice!

thanks dood!!

thanks dood. It must have been someone else you commented on, just finsihed the build and I haven't built this frame up any other way. I will throw up some pics of the Nitto drops and HED aerobars this weekend.

ya. you were was

ya. you were was this guy:

love it

so clean!

so sik

where do u mash this baby!!! big ups on some drops!!!!

bay area

bay area

very nice

this is a very nice looking frame, how does it ride, the quality, and just curious, how much are these frames going for?

all i have to say is fun,

all i have to say is fun, fast and stiff. i think they're 850 for the frame

Super nice. Are you riding

Super nice.

Are you riding this on the track, or just street? How is that front carbon wheel for riding on the street, if you are?

mostly street, but it's

mostly street, but it's pretty smooth in my area. I may take it to beginner sesh' at the track tho.

damn i bet shes fast! what

damn i bet shes fast! what size is this and your height? you are one lucky dood dude!

Thanks! yeah this thing gets

Thanks! yeah this thing gets going. I took her out on a 10 mile ride yesterday, and once that front HED wheel gets up to speed it just slices through the wind like a hot knife thru buttah. The frame is a 50cm and I'm 5'6.

nice build , but a lot of

nice build , but a lot of over the top parts for just commuting .

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