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Martini Single Speed         Featured Bike! on 06/28/2010

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Leader LD 735TT 2008, with custom paint (pearl white / Martini racing stripes)

Nitto RB-021 / Ritchey Comp Road Stem (90mm), custom matte black paint

Leader LD I806A Aluminum / IS6 with Carbon Cap, custom matte black paint

Carbon Aerospoke with custom black paint / Michelin Krylion Carbon (black/red)

Planet X Pro Carbon 82mm with custom black paint / Vittoria Pista CS Tube

Sugino RD-2 Messenger, 170mm, 48T / Sugino Bottom Bracket CBB 103 (68x103mm)

Brooks Swallow Classic Chrome, honey / Ritchey Pro, custom matte black paint

MKS Sylvan Track / MKS Alloy Toe Clips / Brooks Leather Toe Straps (honey) / KMC 1/8th Single Speed Chain

Surly Single Speed 17T / Wheels Manufacturing Single Speed Spacer & Cog Kit / Brakes: Tektro RX40-S / Tektro Time Trial levers

This is the first bicycle that I built myself. I started out with a complete design of the bike after which I bought all the parts and put it together. All in all it took me around 9 months to complete, mostly because I had to get the parts from all over the world (UK/France/Germany/US).
The painting of the frame and wheels took 2 months alone...

The original design can also be seen on my website:

Holla when you see my riding around Amsterdam on a sunny day!

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nice set up man

nice build buddy, i was wondering about your rear wheel, i am thinking of purchasing the planet x pro 82 in the front wheel. does it use skewers or can i get put track nuts on them?

give me

your back wheel!!!


Nice bike. I pretty much agree with everyone else. Well, except the guy that doesn't like any stickers at all. A few are okay until you cross the line into NASCAR type branding everywhere. Moderation in everything.

I really like that rear wheel. Not just the 82mm, but the whole peeling of the paint thing going. What's the story behind that?

best looking leader i've

best looking leader i've ever seen. good work. pure class.


This is the nicest looking leader I have seen. Ever. You obviously put a lot of thought and effort into it. Your paint job has inspired me to make some changes myself. This is a leader above the bashing.

This bike is Awesome! How

This bike is Awesome! How does it ride?

Thanks for the compliment.

Thanks for the compliment. :)

It rides great, very smooth compared to my regular road bike.
Thing is though, that it rides better the faster you go, which perhaps it a typical thing for a time trial frame, but when riding in town and cycling as slow as regular people, then it tends to be nervous. However if you stand on the pedals and ramp up the speed everything sort of falls into place and it's heaven: all you hear are the wheels whispering in the wind.

People always bash leaders

People always bash leaders too... Well done though... Im glad we are the only two people that ive seen that have actually customized the leader bikes!!!

Your Leader looks far better than mine!!

Standard this frame looks

Standard this frame looks pretty crappy if you ask me. I think it says leader a dozen times in all sizes and shapes. And if there is anything that I don't like, then it's all those brands that need their name on every single part of a bicycle. I like my bikes clean (my geared road bike doesn't have a single letter on it, it's totally black, for example).

Look at this for example:

For me that's the definition of ugliness: not the shape of the bicycle, but the bike would look ten times better if you removed all the stickers, and lettering.

Nice Ferrari bicycle! I've thought about the idea too (I am a big petrolhead), but in the end realised the two (cycling and cars) shouldn't be mixed since their at the opposite ends of the scale.


I really love the whole setup with the bars.. What tape do you use to match the honey saddle so well?

The handle bar tape, saddle,

The handle bar tape, saddle, and toe clip straps are all from Brooks, that's why they match so well: they're all in their 'honey' color.

Hell yeah! One of my other

Hell yeah! One of my other passions is racing, so any Martini liveried bike is fine by me.

best leader ever

well done

I knew your name rang a

I knew your name rang a bell, we have a shared interest with modelling in studio max.

Very well executed bike! love the mix of contemporary and retro. No plans for riding this one fixed by the way?

:) Yeah, 3D Max is what I do

:) Yeah, 3D Max is what I do for a living.

Thanks for the compliments on the bike; that's exactly the thing I wanted to do, combine modern and classic elements. :)

At the moment I am in the preparation/research stage for a fixed build, so until then this one will definitely stay single speed. Also because the brake levers on the front are an integral part of the design: the seat, toe clips and levers all have honey colored leather, black metal and chromed metal. Basically a triangle of similar looking things.


Total Rad Sauce. This has to be one of the nicest bikes on velospace bar none. Awesome job on the martini stripes.

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