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Cannondale F4 frame equipped with Campagnolo/Shimano/Grimeca/Formula/Miche components and a carbon rigid disc fork         Featured Bike! on 12/1/2009

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Cannondale F4 / XL / 2008

31.8mm Satori handlebar / 90 mm ABR stem +35°

Campa Bros carbon rigid disc fork / onepointfive to 1.125" Cane Creek Double XC headset

Grimeca Magnesium millenium / Michelin XC road 26" x 1.40

Grimeca Magnesium millenium / Michelin XC road 26" x 1.40

175mm Shimano FC M 542, with 48-38 chainrings / Shimano FD-M 580A, 34.9mm clamp on type

Selle Italia Oktavia / TAQ 33 seatpost in 31.6mm diameter and 400mm lenght with zero seatback

1996 Campagnolo Record pedals / Campagnolo C9 chain

Campagnolo Ergopowers, 1996 Record Ti the left one, 1997 Athena carbon the right one

hydraulic Formula I.S. / Formula I.S.

9s Miche sprockets / Campagnolo 1991 Croce d'Aune Rear derailleur, Formula disc brakes with 185mm Grimeca rotors


I assembled this bike just to obtain a road bike with hydrauilc disc brakes cable-actuated by Campagnolo Ergopowers. The sprockets are Miche for Shimano cassette, but I corrected the thickness of spacers to fit a Campy 9s cassette.
On the handlebars I placed CLB Tech One (they are like Problem Solver Travel Agent) to encrease the amount of pulled cable. Hydraulic levers are actuated by derailleurs cables, not brake cables to obtain a better fitting around the CLB internal pulley (slim cables are more flexible)

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Uhhm, Question.......

Would'nt mechanically actuated discs solve a lot of self inflicted problems? The Avids are as good as equivalently priced hydraulics w/o the obvious down side, and I'm pretty certain the campy levers would pull the same amount of cable, and modulation would be at least as simple to dial in. Building a better mousetrap often is a simpler mouse trap.

you're right

no doubt you're right: mechanical disc brakes can be equal or even better than the brake system I made (by the way I do own a pair of Avid road BB7 disc brakes and they are simply perfect).
I assembled my bike in the way you see just because I liked that.
Anyway probably my idea was not so bad, as someone in Switzerland decided to reply it; please have a look to
Have fun.

holy shit. this is insane.

holy shit. this is insane.

The bike cost is equal to

The bike cost is equal to the sum of its components' prices plus my assembly work...

motherf'er of invention...

Whoa. Marionette-action rollamajigged remote hydraulic levers?!
That's a lot of home-brewed engineering for a brake setup. :)
Kudos, thanks for sharing!

thank you!

thank you!
your words were so much appreciated!

Wonderfully bizarre!

Wonderfully bizarre!

Since I didn't like your

Since I didn't like your other bike too much, I have to say this one is really cool. The brake construction is awesome! Could be a challenge to manage that without the extra hydraulic brake levers. Or maybe you want to keep them for riding in upper handlebar position?
Where do you ride with that bike?

Hi d-beam. Sorry for my

Hi d-beam.
Sorry for my previous rude reply.
Before assembling this bike I thought the way to actuate hydraulic calipers via Ergopower integrated controls without using hydraulic mtb levers, and one possible solution was the Hope Remote reservoir or its Formula's equivalent. Unfortunately both items are out of production. I also thought to use a motorbike master cylinder, but I passed to avoid compatibility inconveniences with threads and housings.
I ride the bike just on the road.
Once more sorry for being rude.

sup fred

sup fred


Hi from Italy.
I'm pretty sure "sup fred" is a positive comment, but what it stays for?


Shit that bike is insane, love'n the wheels

Thank you!

Many thanks to everyone who add a comment and many many thanks to those who place a positive one: the only handlebar costed to me a 28 days assembling to create the right path for brakes' cables.


That is a crazy build my friend. Props on the innovation.

Many thanks!

Yeah, the term crazy is correct as I spent more time in assembling than in pedalling...
Thanks so much for your comment: it has been a good reward for all that job.

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