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45CM Dolan Pre Cursa

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45CM Dolan Pre Cursa Track Frame

Deda Elementi Track Drops and Cannondale Fire

Alpina Carbon Fork and Thomson Headset

HED3 Clincher - Vittoria Rubino Tire 700x23

Chub Hub, Velocity B43, Phil Wood Spokes, EAI Deluxe Cog, Dura Ace Lockring - Continental Ultra Sport 700x25

163mm Sugino Grand Mighty, Sugino 75 BB, Sugino Zen Chainring

Fizik Arione Titanium Rails and FSA Carbon Seat Post

MKS Sylvan w/ Toshi Double Straps, MKS Steel Toe Clips and Izumi Super Toughness Chain



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thats the dumbest thing ive

thats the dumbest thing ive heard. sugino is best you can buy for the money. You have all you need in crank/bb set up. However, I def agree on the Thomson stem and seatpost. thomson def has never made a headset.
Go with Mavic rear for sure. Your also running such a nice chain to chainring setup. You should prob get EAI superstar. Runs smooth like butter and youll never hear a thing.


that hoegaarden is hot


but i agree, you could easily loose a whole pound by losing that rear wheel. Trust me, go with an American Classic hub / mavic open pro rim / sapin cx ray spoke set-up and your bike will be super light. I also agree on the stem and seatpost. Thomson is the best for stems and seatposts. They are light and strong, and they have great customer service. That fsa post is actually heavy for a carbon post. Oh and thomson doesn't make headsets. They make headset caps, but not full headsets. Another reason why your bike is heavy is because you're running that heavy ass crank and bb combo. Buy some sram omnium cranks. The whole setup(crank-arms, bb, and chainring) only weight 860 grams, and it looks and performs better than that outdated njs shit.

outdated njs shit..... You

outdated njs shit..... You fucking asshole.

little bike love

dope.. 15 pounds not bad. put a zipp 202 in the rear ha

It's cool.

It's cool.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I finished this bike build two days ago, the rear wheel is not heavy as everyone thinks it is and I am more comfortable with it being very durable around the city.

The major part that I do agree on is going clipless. It will shave off the most amount of the weight. Going carbon rails will only be a 0.16lb

It all adds up, the little

It all adds up, the little things.

I still don't understand why someone would make such a HUGE hub like that. Seems so silly and pointless.

the hub is huge for a

the hub is huge for a shorter spoke resulting in a stronger wheel.

your comment seems a little

your comment seems a little silly and pointless

You if you want to make it

If you want to make it lighter, you could swap out that heavy, slow back wheel. The combination of the worlds most excessively large hub, and super deep rim, makes it a heavy slugish wheel. Weight it and find out. Second, ride clipless pedals, which will get rid of the weight of those cages, straps, large pedals, which is all rotation weight.

Finally, there are some little things you can do like get the Fizik Arione with carbon rails, which saves about 50-80g. Cut down the seat post abit, cut down the fork. Not sure what stem that is, but Thomson makes the strongest/lightest stems and seatposts on the market. The Thomson X2 stem and Thomson Masterpiece seatpost.

I'm sure if you do those few changes, and sell what you have now so you are not having to put out any money, you could get this about 12lbs.

Have you any experience with

Have you any experience with a chub hub? They are incredibly light. Not light for a huge hub, but light for any hub. It's just a carbon and aluminum cylinder.

nice ride

but how tall are you? a 45? I'm assuming your not that tall?

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