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ZIPP 2001 carbon track bike         Featured Bike! on 01/14/2010

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | Commuter | Chris King | MKS | more tags >>
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2001 zipp - carbon fiber - 1990's

cinelli pista / profile

aero carbon/ king


spinergy w/ surly fixxer track converter

fsa / fsa

fizik / N/A

mks track/


zipp 2001 bikes were nicknamed "fastest bike in the world" in the 90's - limited quantities made- currently illegal for professional racing - very solid ride despite how it looks- beam can be adjusted for suspension or solid - i love this odd looking thing --- sold recently- goin to miss

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do u 180 on that.


man this bike is pretty rad. I love how many bike elitists are on here. It like a giant highschool of douchebags.I hope ur rippin that thing man robocop style

Not really a track bike, but

Not really a track bike, but nice none the less.

Do you like parts that fail? (Spinergy wheels, FSA Cranks)?

Please post a picture of you riding it on the street, I need a laugh.

you wanna sell this to me

you wanna sell this to me


sorry. i am not interested in selling. i had another one for sale last year, but it sold fairly quick to someone in japan. they pop up occassionaly on ebay for 1000-1500 (frameset)


anyone know where i can get one of these?

God, you are the master at

God, you are the master at RUINING nice bikes.

Fuck you.


giggidy goo

I just don't understand why

I just don't understand why a majority of them are conversions. And why you'd put rev x's on this frame.



Still want one!

Still want one!


why are these illegal for professional racing?
it's oddly beautiful.


maybe because they were too fast (unfair advantage) or too extreme of a design- don't know exactly

UCI bastards

After Obree designed his bike and Lotus and everyone started producing bikes with carbon monocoque frames and different riding positions, which the public could not afford, the UCI (Union Cycliste Internacionale) banned them because of 'unfair' advantage. They stated that all bikes must use a traditional 2 triangle design and weigh a certain amount. This all but halted the awesome new design concepts in cycling, as with everything developments would be passed to consumers eventually; we may all have been riding frames with cantilevers like this had the French not ruined it for everyone.

I think thats why...

Surly Track converter

Hows is that track converter working on that spinergy?


works great. second one i've bought. although it spaces the cog gear out a bit farther than on a standard track wheel.

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