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My Custom Ferrari..... 2009 Leader 721tr

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2009 Leader 721tr... custom ferrari red paint

Nitto rb-021 pursuit bars.... Riser bars, and white track drops

Specialized carbon fork and FSA headset

White Aerospoke or silver H+Son w/ miche annodized hub

White B43 w/ Gran Compe Track hub OR Silver H+Son w/ miche annodized hub

Truativ 53t 170mm.... Phil bb

White Specialized toupe saddle and Carbon Specialized seat post

Mks w/ soma double straps w/ extra strap

53 x soma 17t

Decided to put a ferrari vinyl on the bike... I think its suitable!!!

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Time to get new cranks!

I suggest going with some with 46t Sugino 75s to REALLY pull it off. :)

I know... I upgraded

I know... I upgraded everything...

I never run smaller ratios... The tall gearing works better for my legs and I get a better work out


did u paint it yourself or get it powdercoated?
it looks great. im trying to decide weather a powder coat is worth


I painted it myself.... If you do it right... It comes out really well... Secret to painting is good paint and patience!!




Wonderful bike, and the supermotor your legs man.


gotta say, a leader is still a leader no matter what you paint it.

True... A leader is a

True... A leader is a leader... But, it all depends what you do with it...

Im pretty sure this leader looks 100% better than a stock one... my .02

Very Nice Build

A prancing horse on the head tube would set that thing off.

I just picked up a 721tr. The rear drop out positions make me want to kill someone at Leader though. Looks like you have your chain length/sprocket/cog dialed though.

Thank you... I appreciate

Thank you... I appreciate it!!! The geomtry isnt to bad.. The read dropout situation was supposedly fixed in the 09 series of leader 721's hahaha...

Everything works well with me.. Trial and error... thats all

Im working on finding a ferrari head badge for the right price too!!



might as well put the yellow

might as well put the yellow stallion headbadge on it. colnago did a ferrari road bike a couple years back, but it was like 15k

ferrari is teamed with

ferrari is teamed with colnago and they do a road bike every couple of years.

Oh wow... Crazy... 15k...

Oh wow... Crazy... 15k... GEEZ... Ive been looking for some nice head badges, but nothing has come up yet ( for the right price )

ferrari red?

where'd you get the ferrari red paint? ferrari red is specific to ferrari, and as far as i know, has not been available for many years. that's not to say you couldn't have a paint shop color match an original ferrari painted part.

just curious...

cool idea not the less and well executed in my opinion

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