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Burier/Barrier (fuji track 06)

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49 cm 2006 Fuji Track w/ Spaceman Flask Hoslter

Nitto Bullhorns RB-021, 42cm; Lime Green Champ Grips; Black Nitto stem, 75 degree, 65mm reach

ugly stock unicrown fork, stock headset

stock wheel, 700 x 23 blue/black Vredestein Fortezza SE (dominica), Lime Green Deep V radial laced to Black Formula (LA)

stock wheel, 700 x 23 blue/black Vredestein Fortezza SE (dominica), Lime Green Deep V 3x laced to Black Formula (LA)

165mm black FSA BMX cranks, Lime Green 44t Proneck BMX chainring, stock BB

WTB SpeedShe Comp saddle, stock seatpost

MKS GR-9 pedals, MKS small clips, Sakae black rubber straps, KMC Z chain


the completely neon green bike is slowly, slowly making its way to reality.. It started with the green champ grips, and I just built up my green Deep V's.. next I will be covering my seat with a bandana to match the green, and getting those schwalbe neon green tires.. and now I have about 6 more months to wait until I get a chance to powdercoat every last remaining piece green to match.. it will be the most horrific, terrible monstrosity ever to exist.. your eyes will bleed from one glance at it and your mind will slowly start to devour itself to try and forget the terror that my bike will be.. ;) :D

if anyone has a green chain they'd like to part with.. let me know ;)

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Color combo!

Love that color combo, the blue and green works well together. Ever seen a team liquigas saddle, it comes in a two tone blue and green color scheme like your bike! You can even get matching bar tape with it.

done yet?

when you gunnabe done?! i want to see!!!!!

6 months..

thats about how much longer I am living in the caribbean, and until I move back to the US I can't get it powdercoated.. so I think it should be done by next April at the latest.. I am already buying the parts for it tho.. and I just spray painted my ugly fender that bright green, so new pics will be up soon... I can't wait till it's done! :D

haha you should have someone

haha you should have someone fly down to you with a portable spray booth and have it painted down there lol! not a bad idea in 2 secs. hehehe

Flask Holder?

Sweet accessory! I just might need to pick one up myself!! Good idea with the bike, have fun with it, make it obnoxious with shitty parts so no one will touch it, all while you ride the shit out of it!

sweet "Slime" Deep-Vs!! an

sweet "Slime" Deep-Vs!! an all green bike? what happen with Bob JAckson?

bob jackson

oh hey, thanks for liking my wheels.. I love them, they are so stiff! I also like the term slime green..I am actually compiling a list of all the adjectives that you can use to describe that green... so far i have lime, slime, bright, neon, grass, and park bench (even tho the park bench in the pic is way darker green.. I have heard that green called park bench hehe)..

but this neon green fuji monstrosity is going to be my beater bike.. way gross, too ugly and loud and noticeable to steal, and with really crappy parts..

my bob jackson will be a pure vision of glory in its finest, and I can have more than one bike ;)

"park bench (even tho the

"park bench (even tho the park bench in the pic is way darker green.. I have heard that green called park bench hehe).."

haha that is awesome! Park Bench LOL!!! How is the fuji gunna be loud, you gunna add like 5 clown horns connected to a can of compressed air?

As for Slime Green, i got it from the term Slime Lights on US Navy aircrafts when they do formation flying and some pilots and ground crews call them "Slime Lights" because it isnt like Neon green but more of a glowing green with a dash of blue, you know what im sayin? Anyway, i hope you dont mind if i copy you cept that my fixie frame will be either Sparkley Purple or Bare Metal

love the Flask in the

love the Flask in the cage...damnnn 49? you must be small lol


hehe yeah that flask cage is way sweet.. and I'm 5'3".. I actually probably need a smaller bike, but 49 is the smallest I can find that still looks good... the fuji track SE is 43 but I'm not that small ;) I'm probably gunna get a Bob Jackson next cuz they come is 47.. that will be awesome..

mmmm bob

mmmm bob Jackson...arghhhhhhhhh!!!!

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