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My Bridgestone getting fixed up!

Bike tags: Fixed gear | bridgestone | gear | Track
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imm fixing it up so i dont really know the parts lol but im getting there! oh and i got it for free! YAY damn nothing like a free bike and a pack of coronas :)

People who friended this bike joshua


ANymore i dont i just felt bad about the wheels but hey im sure my local store might have some that fit

Whay are you selling\trading

Why are you selling\trading all of a sudden?


NAWWW its the garage who keeps a 24 pack in their room and for that matter anything else thats in this pic?

I hope that's not your

I hope that's not your bedroom.

Hey, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?


the bar angle? when i ride it i dont see nothing wrong with it but thanks for the advice

fix that bar angle...

fix that bar angle...

It's a great bike.

I had a Bridgestone 400 a long time ago, as I recall it was their top-end frame with somewhat budget components on it. I upgraded mine to eight-speed at the time, and sold it in a pinch a few years back. A frame my size (50cm-ish) popped up on eBay two weeks ago, but I forgot to bid and it sold for something cheap.

Whatever you do, don't go hacking off the derailer hangers and cable guides, and if it turns out to be too small for you, let me know - it looks like my size.


thanks for ur comment and the only thing imma change about this bike are the wheels and bike chain u know the little parts if u want the extra wheels let me know. I dont plan on selling this bike becasue i got this as a gift from a special friend and that would be fucked up lol

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