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First fixed gear build

Bike tags: Fixed gear | 53cm | fixed gear | Puegeot | straight edge
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got the frame for free, stripped it, painted it, decaled it, clear coat it. made the handle bars from chopping old BMX bars. got an awesome deal on the wheels on ebay. my first fixed =-)

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54/16? How do you get

54/16? How do you get anywhere, or stop for that matter?

Nice build nonetheless, I love the head tube.

bmx bars

are sick as a beast! neat bike.



Stronglight cranks?

Or TA?

From the looks of the fork, stem and lugs, I'm guessing it's a French thing.

did you pound the cotter pin

out of the drive side crank arm? ...that is not particularly safe.

"He one sick unit"


someone tried to at some point and time though! hah. i gave the crank a beating with a rubber hammer... it's not going anywhere. for sure.

thanks for your concern though.

to be honest..

i have NO idea.. i've never seen cranks like it...

I *knew* I'd seen headtube lugs like that before...

It's been bothering me for days. And here they are, from Peugeotshow. It looks like it's a Peugeot PX50, a late-50s/early-60s randonneur/touring bike with 650b wheels (a little bigger than 26" mountain, a little smaller than 700c road).

More colorful shots are here, at Classicrendezvous.

Personally, I'm growing a lot more attracted to the French constructeur touring style: fenders, racks, braze-ons for every gadget, self-contained touring with elegance. Looks like you have a good base for a period restoration, should you ever feel so inclined.

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