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Penelope (Penny)         Featured Bike! on 03/29/2010

Bike tags: Track bike | 54cm | campagnolo | campy | cinelli | more tags >>
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Windsor Professional Track 78' 54cm

Cinelli 67 Cinelli 2A

OG Windsor fork with 600 headset

Suntor laced to MA-40

Campy laced to Ma-40

Miche Primo (now older style Campy record)

Brooks team pro maroon

MKS sylvan (now mks royals)


my everyday bike, my favorite bike, my nice bike, my beater bike, my sunday bike, my rain bike, my commuter bike, my bar bike, my long distance bike

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Brooks Saddle?!

You say this is your everyday ride - how do you keep your saddle from being stolen?


What type of tires are those? They look special/different? Brown edges?


you've never seen a Gatorskin before?

Seems like the frame was

Seems like the frame was originally for 27" wheels..? Beautiful, anyway.

The texture of the

The texture of the Gatorskins makes it look even more distinguished :3

I second on that.

I second on that.


that is simply the most beautiful bicycle i have ever seen. where did you get that handlebar wrap? i've been looking for that color.

Not the owner, but I saw your question.

Though it looks like Brooks brown leather bar wrap, it's most likely amber shellacked cork grip -

If it were Brooks leather handlebar wrap, it would have the natural cork end-caps embossed with a Brooks logo. Since it has chromed end-caps, and twine wrap for the finishing instead of electrical tape, likely cork.

When you use amber-tinted shellac (such as Zissner, available at any hardware) on yellow or natural-colored cork wrap, it turns it a dark, rich, shiny brown. Just google "shellac cork handlebar tape" and you'll find some how-tos with pictures.

if you this with corkn how

if you this with corkn how does it feel on your hands? good?


I've done it to one of my old road bikes, using amber shellac on yellow Cinelli cork tape, and I think it feels great. Just don't use too many coats. I went with two light coats, and I think it really improved both the look and feel of the tape.

Absolutely stunning. I

Absolutely stunning. I really never liked those Brooks saddles, but other than that it's just so nice. Really has an early 1900s vibe.

hey im about to get one of

hey im about to get one of these frames are they good?

Beautiful Bike

I love the color scheme.




Ironically, I stumbled on this by happenstance.

I'm not stalking you.

God this is awkward.

Nice photo, too.

Nice photo, too.

Snoop Dogg said it best...


Damn thats one classy

Damn thats one classy bike!!! Hope to see it around town sometime.

oh its davy

hey bro. .i saw you yesterday with this. it was nice to meet you. we'll hit the track soon.



nice find! feelin that celery powder coat


I got it at refried on haight. Awesome shop.

which bike shop?

just curious.... I like the bike.

id say its

more of a pierre

Looks more like a Jacques...

Looks more like a Jacques...

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