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bianchi vs. F150

Bike tags: Fixed gear | aerospoke | crash | fixed gear
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bianchi san jose

cane creek


deep v

selle yellaaa


bike messenger in boulder- posted the bike yesterday in good shape, today I was ran over by a 2008 Ford F150, somehow I didn't end up looking as gnarly as the bike, which is completely thrashed

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Bike vs Car

My bike vs car had a completely different outcome.
ridng south on the PCH on a downhill near Dana Point, and saw a kid in a Volve station wagon looking for a chance to enter traffic. I sensed he didnt see me. Now this was in the early 90's neon colors were all the rage and I had 'em.
I stood up on the pedals to make myself visible but it was to late. He pulled out to get to the center line so I hit him at just less than a 45 angle. Caved in his door the exact shape of my right thigh, nocked the window in off the rail but it didn't break, rolled acroos the hood, still clipped in slid to the front of the car, did a momentart track stand and flopped onto the no drive side! TADA!
The kid gets out is almost in tears and asks me "now what am I gonna tell my mom?"
I say something along the lines of "gee mom I can't drive for shit"
straighten my bars, check my limbs and go sit on the curb waiting for my friends to catch up.
Best part was retelling the story an hour later to a bartender we convinced to put the TV on Wide World of Sports so we could watch LeMond beat Fignon in the tours timetrial.
Absolutely true story.

true story bro.

true story bro.

Your makeshift top tube

Your makeshift top tube protector didnt work

What are you saying

Look again, it worked perfect, not even a scratch at the protected spot! I think it had the force field option fully charged.


Looks like my bianchi pista..

minivan driven by a seventeen year old girl from philadelphia took me out.

though in this case i was damaged a bit worse than the bike.

due to a lack of helmet, put me in a week long coma.

shit happens.. i have a heavy duty helmet now.

be safe! stay fast.

Let's Farm Forever Together.


quick recovery

dear friend may you find peace in your time of sorrow

damn dude.

that's nuts. stock fork still ok?

sell it to me!

exact same senario happened

exact same senario happened to me. I have a mark on my shoe from where the tire almost crushed my foot.


some scary shit!


kind of interested in hearing what happened...

some lady in a gigantic

some lady in a gigantic truck took a hard right into the entrance of a KFC without looking, I was in the bike lane and it just dragged me under the truck.

luckily, I got out from the cages in time, couldn't tell you how, ridiculously close call.

pretty much everything is ruined, the aerospoke looks good... but doesn't run anywhere near true anymore ) :

fried chicken..


obviously is sucks that the bike is done, but at least you are able to ride again! it could have been much, much worse.

Any chance insurance will cover the damage of your bike?

yea thats the only upside to

yea thats the only upside to it, the company i work for has really solid insurance for this kind of thing, and it looks like the whole thing will be covered plus lost wages etc. etc.

exactly, I'm just looking forward to being on a bike again- i was incredibly lucky

no brake

you didn't get fucked over insurance wise for the lack of brake?

thank god

ive known a few people that go through something like this and unless they have like an awesome insurance for the bike they are screwed unless they got hurt, no lawyer wants a piece of that

Damn, I was just admiring

Damn, I was just admiring your bike yesterday. Aerospoke ok?


NOOO dude! i saw your bike on velospace like 2 days ago. It was dope as fuck. How could this happen?!


dud i would have killed that driver!

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