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My 80's Miyata Touring Bike

Bike tags: Commuter | Miyata | Touring
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Miyata OneTen

unknown stem and bars


Araya 27inch 1 1/4 white tire

Araya 27inch 1 1/4 white tire

Signature Crankset, unknown bottom bracket

Velo seat

Touring Pedals


My touring/long distance bike. Gonna get a sprung saddle for it soon and mount the shifters in the stem.

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Looks like an '86

You need to set this up like it was stock, goofy handlebars and a sprung saddle make it a joke.


Why would I want a stock bike when I can customize it for my comfort and in the style I like? This bike happens to be very comfortable with the new bars. Drop bars don't make a lot of sense to me unless used when racing.


Set it up for you and you ONLY! F the H8trs!

Set it up

Set it up the way you prefer of course. The drops give you many hand positions more than just straight bars like you have. You said you use this on long distance riding, but what is that? The Bridgestone of mine has aero bars on it not for aerodynamics, but because on very long rides over many days coupled with the drops, it gives me extra hand/arm/body positions. When I'm speaking of long rides I'm talking about 300 mile randonees or 500+ mile multi day rides.

I guess I'm not talking

I guess I'm not talking about 500 mile rides. Just longer rides than would be comfortable on a single speed bike. Who knows, maybe when I get to longer trips I will desire some other setup. I would not go so far as to call it a "joke" though. Those bars and a sprung saddle certainly have a purpose and are common on lots of bicycles meant for longer trips.


yo this dude told you to set it up stock. check out his bikes, 4 of them don't even have pedals


Yep, I switch my pedals based upon the bike I'll be riding at the moment. I own a wrench and know how to use it! If you looked at that stable, you'll see bikes that have more miles on them than anything you'll probably ever do on a bike plus they've been all over the world.. So.. who needs pedals?

i don't even know you

and i already hate you.

"you'll see bikes that have more miles on them than anything you'll probably ever do on a bike plus they've been all over the world"

ohhhhh elite bike snob!

cool bike

but i was wondering what a "Tourng" bike is


changed it


its for when my band goes on tour. I put our equipment on the rear rack.



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