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1984 Centurion Cavaletto

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Cavaletto | Centurion | green
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1984 Centurion Cavaletto

First bike build with a neon green powder coat on original frame and forks. Swift Arriv wheels and cheap SHUN crank from my LBS.

Eventually want to get a black seat post, stem, and bars to have it all blacked out except for the frame.

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one of the most rediculous bike set ups I have seen... seriously...

the saddle, and bars look really fk'd....


He obviously doesn't ride the bike. Any sort of milage would rip the old taint to shreds. I almost want to put my seat at that angle to see how it feels. Then again I like riding my bike further than 2 miles.

had you

ever ridden a bicycle before you mounted this? Legitimate question.

hows the ol taint feel with

hows the ol taint feel with that seat angle

not too bad if i'm cruising

not too bad if i'm cruising along w/o hands. The rise on the back of that saddle feels ridiculous unless it is tilted like that

I have that saddle and have

I have that saddle and have found a little bit of that, so the nose is a bit higher than the rear - slightly off level. But the angle on yours is ridiculous.


So you're only comfortable riding your brakeless fixie when you're not riding with your hands? Don't take this the wrong way, but that really doesn't sound very safe. Have you considered trying a different saddle? Or screwing around with your bar height or angles?

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