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Chrome Gan Well Pro

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Gan Well Pro

Nitto b123; 1950's chromed track stem by Presto

Gan Well Pro with Hatta Swan Deluxe

Campagnolo C-Record low flange 24H radially laced to Aerohead Velocity w/ DT Swiss 14/15 spokes

Campagnolo C-Record high flange pista 24H 2-cross laced to Aerohead Velocity w/ DT Swiss 14/15 spokes

Campagnolo Pista 170mm w/ Sakae Royal 50T 144bcd 3/32" ring; Phil Wood 111mm

Fizik Arione; Campagnolo Record

Nashbar Z17; Izumi ECO gold

Fujitoshi leather bar tape; Continental Gran Prix wire bead 700x23 clinchers

Bike was built at Stones Cyclery in Alameda, CA where I volunteer/wrench. All vintage components were NOS before the build. Wheels were built by Tim Parker. Thanks to the crew at Montano Velo, Andrew Muzi at Yellow Jersey, John Dacey at Business Cycles, EBAY, and, of course, Dennis Stone at Stone's Cyclery. All Bay Area bikeheads should make the pilgrimage to the shop and get "Stoned"!

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so many things are wrong w/

so many things are wrong w/ this one, but whatever, nice bike.

There was actually a kind of

There was actually a kind of rare track stem nicknamed the "Limp Dick" stem (seen here:

I believe they were made by Merkin.

I mean this in the most positive way possible

That stem looks like a floppy dong.

...i know yeah! i actually

...i know yeah! i actually got a hard on looking at it, did u?


Can I have your stem? Why isn't anyone repopping those?

that is

That is, hands down, the sexiest stem I've ever seen.

Probably a stupid question,

Probably a stupid question, but anyways. Do those euro-asia gan well's come njs stamped?

yes, they do

yes, they do


killer rig, hey.

"When the goin' gets weird, the weird turn pro." H.S.T.


that presto stem. adds elegance to your bicycle.

"When the goin' gets weird, the weird turn pro." H.S.T.


Beautiful bike! Well done.

damn nice build

I am not a big fan of Japanese bikes, but I got to give u props for ur build. Well done, that stem is such a classic piece, try to get it on a Hetchins track iron. I know someone that has been looking for one, for his hetchins, umum ;)

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