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Bottecchia Squadra - Columbus SL - 52 cm

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Bottecchia Squadra, 52cm, Columbus SL

3ttt Competizione Gimondi handlebar, Mavic stem 110mm

Bottecchia lugged, Campagnolo Chorus

Fir Super Rialto Grid with Continental GP4000S at Gipiemme Special hubs

Fir Super Rialto Grid with Continental GP4000S at Gipiemme Special hubs, crow's foot lacing on drive side

Campagnolo Chorus

Selle San Marco Regal at Campagnolo C-Record / Fi'zi:k Arione Wing Flex Ti at Campagnolo Chorus

Shimano 600 (temporary) and KMC, X8.93

Campagnolo C-Record Syncro II; FD: Campagnolo C-Record; RD: Campagnolo Victory S3

Campagnolo C-Record Delta, Campagnolo Chorus

Chainrings (Chorus): 53/42, FH: SunTour New Winner 12-18

When I got the frame back in 2008 it was more or less a mess of odd and rusty parts. Stuff that's left from then is the crankset, bb, front derailleur and the shifters. I believe the frame is from ~88. The paint and stickers are far from perfect.

The intended C-Record RD I have proved to be not only scratched - the pulleys were not to save. The Victory S3 will be kept for the time being, it has been serving me good for a year now. If it is at some occasions not shifting very precise, the Syncro is to blame. More so, it's both lighter and a lot more shiny that the CR.


The bike is finally set up with the delta brakes, see last photo. New additions (not shown at the photos) are also a white Regal saddle and a C-record seat post.

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Congratulations ! This bike is absolutely perfect. This Bottechia frame is amazing.

Perfect combination

it looks so clean and straight, perfect!

Gorgeous! Looks like an

Gorgeous! Looks like an awesome ride!

Nice bike

Just got back home with this same bike!!! My wife's friend was about to throw it in the garbage !!!! It is not in the best shape, but with some TLC, it should make it. Already the chrome is looking much better. I checked out this bike on the net, to see what this was,(at first I thought some old Italian bike)and then I found your fotos. WooW!!! What a beauty !!! It has Dura ace on it, Mavic wheels, and one ugly seat. Looks like I found a worth wile project, one that I can eventualy ride with a big smile on my face!!!
By the way, the wheels really look awesome!!!

cool wheels. im still

cool wheels. im still looking for a rear one to complete my set!

Do you use tire dressing on

Do you use tire dressing on your tires?

Nope, those are just new

Nope, those are just new tires.

what a beauty

what a beauty

If I were to add a road bike to my track bike collection...

If I were to add a road bike to my track bike collection, it would be a vintage Bottecchia just like this, or an old Legnano.

Absolutely beautiful. I'm seriously jealous.


I don't suppose you would be willing to sell the wheel set?

Sorry mate, I will ride them

Sorry mate, I will ride them til they crack!


Simply the sexiest, most gorgeous bike I've ever seen (and I've seen some....). Everything in its right place.

Perfect, simply perfect.


Thank you all for your kind

Thank you all for your kind words!
Regarding the saddle, it's not just a show - I actually ride this bike. As for the moment that Fizik fits me very well.


The red and chrome italian racing bike is the prettiest invention ever.


This bike is done absolutely perfect,i think the saddle suits it perfect as these wheels have a "newer look" to them (deep etc) that it definitely suits,i think a big ol saddle may make it look a bit heavy,shows off the seat post and gives it balance,its harder to see it knowing its my size and i cant get to ride it!!.......well done...

Too Sexy!!!

This is Bike Porn !!!

good stuff.

wheels are great

Beutiful bike, really like

Beutiful bike, really like it. Think that the saddle looks cool and fits the shape of the bike, even if its not "correct"

bottecchia's are swank. i

bottecchia's are swank. i want one so hard. anyhow, i think your saddle is awesome, matches the white trim and paint very nicely. i'm a fan of the low profile saddles though. nice work!

love this bike, The saddle

love this bike, The saddle doesn't really fit the character of this atmo. Still zexy tho!

your bottecchia

makes me feel some sort of sexual lust for material goods...but im thinking black perf. turbo or black slr over the fizik.

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