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GORilla Hattara trackbike (frameset FOR SALE)

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Gorilla | hattara | phil wood | sugino
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Gorilla Hattara anthracite 57,5cm; double butted Columbus Thron and Zona, TIG welded (top and diagonal tube in Thron CrMo)

green anodized 39cm nitto B-123aa; nitto ui-5gx 120mm

Columbus Max, 1” ahead fork; 1" threadless campagnolo record

black anodized Phil Wood hub laced to machined black Velocity Deep-V using black DT-Swiss comp. spokes and red nipples

double-fixed black anodized Phil Wood hub laced to non-machined black Velocity Deep-V using black DT-Swiss comp. spokes and red

black anodized Sugino 75; shimano un-54 107mm

kashimax fg-4p five gold; nitto njs-sp72

kmc z710

dura ace 7600 16 teeth; black alloy Sugino 75 48 teeth

UPDATE 2011/10/18: I'm selling the frameset for EUR 390,-. It's like new! Hit me up if you're interested!

It took a while building up the whole bike.

Many thanks to people all over the world from which I got my parts,
especially Box Dog Bikes in SF, Hubjub in UK, Bells Bikeshop in Phillie. All in all very nice people, which helped me a lot ...

The frame finish is hilarious, also geometry is aggressive, which I really like, it reminds me of my Cannondale Crit, which behaves pretty similar ...

Let me know what you think!

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''The frame finish is hilarious''?

what do you mean exactly by that?

i think this is the most definitive gorilla hattara around, at least on google ;)

I'm basically refering to

I'm basically refering to the paint ... the anthrazite looks cool ...

thx man, but this hattara doesn't exist in this configuration anymore ... :-)

your white one is astonishing too :-)

Awesome build man! Cool to

Awesome build man! Cool to see another Gorilla, 'cause there's not too many of those on here..
I'm also considering getting either 75's or Miche's for mine, even though it's barely finished..

Ride on, peace!

Frame Builder

Do you know if the frame builder is the same for Gorilla and the Bareknuckle? Nice bike though, I really like the Gorilla frames.
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Yeah, they look pretty

Yeah, they look pretty similar, both of them are built in Italy, that's all what I know ...

I sure as hell hope you

I sure as hell hope you don't skid, because you are running THE WORSE gear ratio for a brakeless fixed gear. With 48x16, you only have ONE skid patch, meaning your wheel will be in the exact same position each time you skid, always skidding down the exact spot on the tire. Here, take a look...

i mean

technically you'd get 2 if you're an ambidextrous skidder, just sayin...

Interesting ... I did not

Interesting ... I did not think about that yet ... I just used a 53x19. Thanks for the hint!

very nice..

did you find the gorilla on the larger side for a 58cm? Im looking at getting one. I normally would ride a 52 but Im not sure if i should go with the 50.

this 57.5 is definitely

this 57.5 is definitely large enough for me ... If you usually ride a 52 you should definitely go for a 50.

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