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Fuji Track

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Fuji Track

Nitto RB-018-HT Bullhorn Handlebar 38 cm

Fuji Standard

Fuji Standard

Fuji Standard

Fuji Standard

Fuji Standard

Soma Cages / Wellgo R025 Black

Fuji Standard

Lee Chi RC452CF Brake Caliper

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that brake lever makes for

that brake lever makes for an interesting Top Tube Protector.


Your bike has made it to the highly critical pages of BikeSnobNYC! Although I'm not sure that's a good thing....


Most of you asked why the lever was on the tt, what you should have been asking is why there is a lever and no brake?


Hey thanks for the comment, Since taking the pic I've installed a brake that was the first night and just wanted to get an idea for how the over all aesthetics of the bike.


How easily accessible is a brake mounted on the top tube gonna be when you actually need it?


Hey thanks for the comment, It's not the most natural movement removing your hand form the handlebars to grab for the brake lever in that position, but my primary braking method is the pedals anyway.

"Most Natural" until you

"Most Natural" until you need to use your hands to, you know, CONTROL YOUR BIKE in an emergency stop situation.

I can just see you ignorantly speeding along and suddenly BOOM, a car pulls in front of you and in whatever haze is constantly over you that would drive you to put your brake lever on the top tube, you remove your hang from the handlebar and slam on the brake, your wheel goes sideways, and you go flying. Either that or you just plow straight into the car and die.

Hope you're REALLY confident in your ability to ride your brand new fixed gear.



Why would you put a brake

Why would you put a brake lever on the top tube?


Hey thanks for the comment, I put the brake on the top bar for two reasons firstly and most importantly it was to get around local brake laws (as E theorized) and secondly and much less importantly was to keep the aesthetics of the handle bars clean of any permanent fixtures. just like the way it looks, oh and to troll hypercritical internet supremacyclist.


probably to troll hypercritical internet supremacyclists


that or to attempt to evade brake laws

Spot On

Pretty much, spot on.

Doesn't really matter. Bike

Doesn't really matter. Bike has no brakes.

i have a freind at school do

i have a freind at school do the same thing.

but thats because his bike was a deathtrap and he wanted to make it even scarier.

single speed mountain bike with just a top tube mounted rear brake.



Hey thanks for the comment, I must admit I've had to grasp for it in a time of near miss and at first it does give the impression of a deathtrap. But I only really use it as an aid at the end of long rides for tedious stopping.

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