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cinelli mash

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cinelli mash

truvativ holzfeller riser 50mm

alu-carbon cinelli mash

aeropoke 700

h+son formation face 700 and phil wood 32 high flange hub fixed/fixed

sugino 75 (both)

san marco concor bicycle film festival LE and thomson inline

nc-17 with powergrips and shadow conspiracy interlock v2 half-link

eai 17t/15t and sugino 75 44t

isnt it hard to go up hills

isnt it hard to go up hills with that gear ratio?


Nice build. How do you find the Powergrips? Are they as good as traditional cages + straps? And those aren't the 'fixie' Powergrips, right?


get rid of that aerojoke

Keko, nice.

Keko, nice.

lyricalpotatoes: don't worry, a member of velospace that posts pictures of his/her ride to a public forum doesnt have to worry about the haters. It comes with the territory. If you cant handle it, dont post your pix! To the haters, post up or take a ride.


pop dem gripz

Well whoopdy doo. another

Well whoopdy doo. another rich kid with rizers on a pursuit bike. I hope you've taken every persons advice and changed a few things.

the gloss finish of the

the gloss finish of the aerospoke doesnt suit, but i love the frame and yeah once a few spacers go, it will look bangin. maybe some bullhorns too.


Constructive criticism is one thing, but you guys are all complete dicks. Let him enjoy his build at least a little bit. Not one nice thing was said...

To all of you who left an asshole remark, you are part of the reason we are short a few riders on the street. Sometimes I'm ashamed to ride a nice bike because I don't want it to be assumed that I'm like one of you elitist jerk offs.

Dude. Go cry about mean

Dude. Go cry about mean people on another website.

No crying here, I ride a

No crying here, I ride a beautiful bike. I just don't see a reason to rip apart some ones pride and joy. I'd like to think people are better than that... sadly, they are not. Case and point, I can't even defend him without a prick like you talking shit. I can only assume you're a republican with that type of mentality.

Republican?? really....

Republican?? really.... because i don't like someones bike? thats a large assumption. and a very wrong one at that


so I understand where both of you are coming from. Its cool to have your bike setup the way you like it. Thats why most people these days ride fixed gears, so they can upgrade and buy new parts they like. But on the otherhand why would you buy a bike with pursuit geometry then but a massive stack of spacers on it? I'm not ripping the guy, but he could have gotten a nice regular track bike like the vigorelli or masi coltello and he wouldn't have to had to put the spacers in there.

Don't worry man...I love

Don't worry man...I love your spacers. They're classy.



worst build of a nice frame

worst build of a nice frame i've seen in a while. risers and hella spacers? gimme a break :/

man lose the aerospoke and

man lose the aerospoke and the DH stem, your like riding a cruiser practically... paint looks sick


aerospoke and feetbelts. everyone else everyone else is's got pursuit like its called and mash the hell out of that thing if anything...way its setup right now you look like an effing trust-fund baby hipster with his new trick bike.


i wish i had one i love pursuit bikes

That bar setup is fucking

That bar setup is fucking retarded. Just to let you know...

Cmon, it's a pursuit bike!

you guys are right...

I just didn't have the guts to cut the fork tube before trying the feeling of the front sloping.
I'll have it cut as soon as I'm comfortable, probably with a longer stem.
Thanks for your comments





That is so nice. I too,

That is so nice. I too, would probably get ride of the huge stack of spacers, especially because the frame is designed with the slopping top tube.

I don't really care for the wheelset either, since they are probably heavy as hell. A light set of Mavic Ellipse or Cane Creek tracks would be sweet on here.




no wonder you got this bike already cause your from italy !!!!! lol ive been waiting on this frame forever how is it ?????

that stack height and risers

that stack height and risers kinda defeats the purpose of the sloped top tube

Been eying these since the

Been eying these since the beginning, was (still?) close to pulling the trigger. How do you like it? What size? How's the geometry?

it's very nice to ride...

it's very smooth to ride... you feel on top of the front hub, but not too heavy on your arms
it's extremely light even with the aerospoke
size is a M (53cm) and it's perfect for me since I'm 180cm/85kg

size is a M (53cm) I'm 180cm/85kg

i would say 53 is too small for you. At close to 5'11 you should definately ride the 55. im 5'10 and i was just sized for this frame in the L 55cm.

fits perfectly? the saddle

fits perfectly? the saddle is pushed all the way foreward and your stem is 50mm long and you have less than a fist of post


so spot on. you have power straps, and a half link.
nice job on a retarded build.

aye leave the half link out

aye leave the half link out of this...

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