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Affinity Lo Pro(SOLD)

Bike tags: Fixed gear | absolutely impossible to keep clean | Deda Elementi | denver | Profile Hubs | more tags >>
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Affinity Lo Pro large

Ritchey road drops/Specialized stem

Affinity/Chris King no thread set.

Profile/Mavic Open Pro CD

Profile/Mavic Open Pro CD

Sugino 75/Phil Wood

Felt/Specialized carbon wrapped seat post(maybe a thomson in the near future)

MKS sylvan/Sram pc-1.


I sold the frame and some other stuff so I could get a mercier kilo wt to use for snow and groceries.
Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture.

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sad to see youre selling

sad to see youre selling this bike :/ theyre awesome frames for the price and you just cant beat how light it is considering it is steel. Cant wait to see how your D2 looks finished. Ride those drops hard while you still have it

It's a really nice frame

But I just want to try something different. I may get another one someday, but we'll see.
I have only ridden this thing once since I got my bianchi and it's just not nearly as much fun anymore. I have been converted to aluminum.

I may be trading this frame for a vivalo with some guy on here. Assuming it goes through, it will be pretty exciting.

How is skidding with

How is skidding with clipless pedals? I've been having trouble getting the technique down with my Toshis.

It's a breeze

I can almost skid while sitting down even with a 49/15 gear ratio and can skid while standing without even really trying.

As long as the tension on the pedals is high enough, popping out isn't a problem.
I don't skid unless I have to anymore though, it's too pricy. I just apply reverse pressure.

Try leaning further forward in the meantime. Something besides risers may make it easier to learn.

Thanks man! I think as soon

Thanks man!

I think as soon as I have the funds, I'm going to invest in the rb-021's.

You're welcome

Those are nice bars. I had them on my old langster. That should help a good amount.
They are better for riding than risers are in general, too.

toe overlap

howd you get rid of the toe over lap??? i have the white affin. too and i was just wondering

Clipless pedals

They have fixed everything.

Not only has it done away with toe overlap, it's more efficient and makes accelerating and stopping so much easier.

o wich version did you

o wich version did you get???

I use

shimano 105 pedals.
I like them because you can increase the tension so you don't pop out on accident and they are affordable. Just over one hundred dollars at a bike shop.

You can also pick up some road shoes for not too much money if you look in the right places.

Sweet bike man! Vegans!

Sweet bike man!



It's always good to find more vegan cyclists!

Looks great! mine is

Looks great! mine is impossible to clean as well. I use degreaser for smudges but the white is sort of turning off white now because I don't clean it much...

I have just accepted this bike's fate

of being dirty for its entire life haha.
The guys at my shop suggested dawn dish soap and water. I'll give that a shot this weekend and see how it works.

get it Clean

Use a magic eraser i just did mine with it and it looks brand new


I'll look into that.
My friend's mom had this natural cleaning solvent that worked wonders so it may not be necessary.

BSNYC bait.

BSNYC bait.

Just paint it..... That will

Just paint it..... That will solve everything.... Ill trade you bikes... hahah... Mine is actually worth more, but I just love the affinity bikes

nemesis custom

that blueish one that guys gave you shit for on tarck hahahah...

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