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BASSO PURSUIT aka "Sally Snakes"

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*VELOCITY rim / MICHE highflange HUB

*CAMPAGNOLO rim / MICHE highflange HUB

*UNKNOWN(french brand?)/CAMPAGNOLO




what the hell do i put in here? I loved the bike (definitely the nicest frame i ve ever seen and will ever own) and then i got crashed into (yes) by a car and that folded the frame. i was able to ride it for another two weeks, until the tube popped - me flying down the street head first. it was nice. one of the better days in my life.

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love those curves...its a shame shes dead.

Sally, that girl.

Wherever did you find a frame this lovely?

Such a travesty

You have got to go get it fixed by a framebuilder! Go on, right now!

Just can't let it go

I know I would continue riding it even if it were hazardous.

Cars suck


definitely classy its gone..

So sorry to hear about your

So sorry to hear about your loss... That's why I don't believe in babying bikes, ride 'em while you can.

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