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turn of the century pathracer-ish...          Featured Bike! on 07/2/2010

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Motobecane Chrome Jury 62cm (please just call it a 58)

Mongoose MTB stem, Bars from an 80's Univega (risers, or flipped for drops) velo orange brass bell

stok fork, fsa headset

velocity deep-v teakwood, formula hubs, vittoria randonneur tires

Same as above, also have a Sun Swift S11 with braking surface and woodgrain vinyl.

Omnium GXP external bearing crank 170mm

selle titanico an-atomica, kalloy

mks sylvan, velo orange clips and straps, 1/8" cheepie.


Assembled this one over the winter; the chrome cheered me up in the cold months, but now when I see it outside, it is decidedly too damn shiny. Be happy this photo was taken on an overcast day.
So, an old timey scalloped paint job is in the works, as are brakes, and a some sort of rack...


July 15 2009
Got it set up very comfortably, painted it black (though by the time I photographed it, it was all scuffed up), and made a leather case for my u-lock.
Now working on a set of panniers.

June 21 2010:
made a front rack

lots of new projects at:

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This is outstanding.

I'd love one of those lock bags. Although I'd be afraid to lock it up. You'd need to bring the bag in everytime (I'm in NYC).

It'd be ironic, no? If someone stole the bag you keep your lock in . . .

Very impressive though. You should start making/selling these bags. I'd take one.


I've done a few of the lock bags now, they are custom to the lock and the frame; I actually wet mold the leather to the lock for a snug fit and match the size exactly to the tt, ht, dt area, so any thief needs the exact same lock and frame make and size. It releases with a button stud and the buckle and strap that holds it on so it's pretty easy to remove, though I leave mine on most of the time locked up in bklyn, but never leave it out overnight...

lock bag...

Too cool man! :D

Tattoos, Bikes, Disc Golf, and BBQ.

Great color combo

Reminds me of a favorite sports car I used to have: black with tan leather. And you *made* the bag for the lock? Awesome.

Great googly moogly.

Great googly moogly.


sexiest bike on here.


Some of the Motobecanes used 27" wheels when they came over here if I remember correctly because in those years 27" wheels were the standard here. Easier to find and I think they'd be the ticket for filling your gaps. Quite a find that one. Hopefully you kept the chrome intact when you painted it.


this is a new frame, sold by bikeisland, they bought the Motobecane name and now distribute inexpensive frames and bikes, made in Asia.

I have a set of flying pidgeon 28" rims with a 3 speed coaster brake, they fit perfectly and eat up some of that clearance, but they are too heavy and squishy.. sort of fun to sit up that high though...

don't paint it! the chrome, i wouldnt paint it. Can i ask how tall you are? I was looking at getting the same frame but you're calling the 62 more like a 58.

I'm 6'4"...

...with a 36" inseam.
It feels small. I wish it had a steeper seat tube angle and a horizontal top tube.

The seatpost measures 58.5cm from the center of the bb to the center of the top tube it measures 62 only if you measure form the center bb to the tip top of the seat clamp.

Just painted it this week.

Also mildly irritating is that the rear brake stay is waaaay to far away from the rim to use without a drop block, even with my extra long reach tektro.

Now I'm looking for an old 28" wheelset (or rims to build) to fill out the stays.

Very Cool, added to my

Very Cool, added to my cluster.

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