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1965 Gitane Track Bike R.I.P.

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1965 Gitane Track 59cm

Nitto B123 bars with Elk Hide sewup grips & Nitto Jaguar stem

Chrome Kazane Fork, Campagnolo Record Headset

Polished 32h H Son w/ Polished Phil Wood Hub & White Vittoria Zaffiro tire

Polished 32h H Son w/ Polished Phil Wood Hub & White Vittoria Zaffiro tire

Polished Gipiemme Cranks & Chain ring

Selle saddle & Polished Campagnolo Record post

MKS pedals, Gipiemme cages & Kashimax Five Gold Double Sprint straps

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Frame question

I noticed the sparkles in the paint. Was this painted or powdercoated?

Was the original paint

Was the original paint


I was thinking of polishing one of my older Deep V's I have laying around. You have any advice or a step by step? Yours look perfect.

Polishing instructions

My rims originally were silver. It's a little time consuming depending on how anal you are about appearance. Thing you will need
1. Electric sander preferably a palm sander
2. Multiple grits of sandpaper. i.e.: 100 reg paper, 600, 1500 & 2000 wet dry.
3. Dremel or rotary tool with polishing wheels
4. Polishing compound
5. Aluminum polish
6. Lots of elbow grease.

You don't have to use an electric sander it just makes it easier. Using the 100 grit paper you'll want to sand off the paint or finish on the aluminum. This takes some time. I believe the factory powder coats the finish. You will be able to see when you get to the bare aluminum. Once you start you will be able to gauge how long it takes to finish the entire rim.

After the initial finish has been removed, you will notice that the surfaced is dull and semi smooth. You will next have to hand sand the surface with 600 wet dry paper. Cut the sheet into 1/4's then cut the 1/4's in half. Fold that in half and run water over the paper. Now sand the surface with 600. You will start to feel the surface smooth over. This takes time but not as much as the original sanding with the 100. Frequently run water over your paper, do not let dry out. Change paper when it feels smooth. Continue until you have sanded the entire rim. Wipe down with a damp cloth. When complete you should be able to see a smooth surface. Any scratches left you should go back over with the 600.

Next cut a sheet of 1500 into the same sizes as the 600. Repeat steps with 1500 as with the 600. Same with the 2000. When done you should have a completely smooth surface.

You don't have to use a dremel tool, it just makes thing faster. You can also use a drill with an attachment for polishing. I bought a kit at Harbor tool & freight that has all the pieces you need to use with a drill. Cost .00 you can order online from Harbor Tool & Freight. So basically you are now going to apply the polishing compound to the surface. It's just rubbing it in then buffing it out. There are multiple compound to use, so it's going over an over. You will start to see the shine come through.

The final step is to apply aluminum polish (this works really well Blue Magic) to the surface and buff out. I use a buffing wheel on a drill to buff and shine, then hand wipe with a soft cloth.

These steps can be use for any aluminum surface. I know it seems like a lot of steps and time, but it's worth it in the end. Hope this helps.

so that's how the mirror looks

wassup ryan... john was tellin' me you put the mirror bling hsons on the gitane... looks amazing man..

I thoroughly enjoy those

I thoroughly enjoy those rims. Nice work.

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