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RIP Giordana

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Giordanda Track frame

Cinelli pista bars and stem

King grip nut

Open pro, ultegra, Dt swiss, Gator skin 25c, I rebuilt to a radial

dura-ace LF, cxp 33, Gator skin 25c

sugino 75, phil 110 bb with campy taper (long story)

fizik alantie ti/carbon, tompson elite

campagnolo w/ doctored mks steel cages, alloy cages break easy, sprint double straps and izumi track chain.

sugino 75 49t x soma 17t

This bike went to work one day and a actor named Lesley got into a cab, I did a pick up and a quarter block later the actor named Lesley got out of a cab on a driver side and destroyed this bike, he is doing a production for the theater company of philadelphia so feel free to go and heckle him. Dispite calling a lawyer, filing police reports and making calls and talking to lots of people, I'm pretty sure I'm going to get fucked over in the end and get no money to replace this frame.
I've seen several people wondering where these frames come from because there are a few road and pursuit frames out there. what I have been able to find out, was the frames were made in Italy by several different smaller frame builders then shipped to the states to get painted. Saving money and the paint is much better then the vast majority of the italian frames I've seen, no flakeing.

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please help soon ! im about

please help soon ! im about to buy one but need to know what size bb to get to get perfect chainline ! please help ! thanks !


bike looks great.

quick question - where did you take that picture? good work & thats a dope view of the city

happy retirement

that's a nicer-looking fork than the older ones, like mine. your "out-of-the-box" photo lends credence to claims that the frames were made by gita.

Great bike. I've got a

Great bike. I've got a Giordana road frame waiting for the big build-up. So nice!

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