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Cinelli Super Pista (sold)

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Cinelli SuperPista 56

Cinelli Pista, steel #14 / Cinelli Pista, Milano steel 100mm

Cinelli SuperPista / Campagnolo Pista

Campagnolo Pista Wheel / Continental Sprinter tire

Campagnolo Pista Wheel / Continental Sprinter tire

Campagnolo Pista 170mm / Phil Woods BB

Brooks Swallow Ltd (badge taken off) / Campagnolo Record

Speedplay Zero / HKK Vertex Blue (black)

50/15 track, 48/17 street (Campagnolo track chainring, EAI superstar Cog)

November 2010, frame sold

Update October 2010: new stem, handlebars, pedals and complete set of decals.

When I bought this frame it was in original Cinelli yellow colour ( with all decals intact. I decided to strip it off and to paint it in pearl white... not too keen on having all that branding all over the frame, although Cinelli logo is very nice. I also took off badge from Brooks saddle, decals from Campagnolo Pista Wheels and polished new Campagnolo Pista Cranks so that logo is not visible any longer. It took months to get all the parts for this bike. Big thanks to Andy (Fyxomatosis) for polishing cranks, chainring, stems and handlebars; Dan (Shifterbikes) for assembling the bike for me; Damo (Cog Bike Cafe) for painting the frame. I have a spare set of wheels for more classic look (Campagnolo Sheriff Star hubs laced to black painted Mavic GP4 rims) which go very nice with Cinelli Priest bars and Cinell stem.

It is very tight, looks as simple/minimal as possible and it rides like magic.

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Super Pista

This is a beautiful set up. I love the fact that you debadged everything, I think its classy and makes it more personal. I actually just picked up the very same bike, mine's black. I was just wondering, how much it cost you to get the bars and stem buffed out? and what did you use to take the paint off of the wheels and crank, as I can probably do that stuff at home. Thanks in advance!


Absolute beauty. You should be proud.

love the pedals!

love the pedals!

Campagnolo Pstia Tubular

How are you finding riding tubs on the street? Thinking about these wheels, but not sure about the headaches involved. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Love riding with tubs. I

Love riding with tubs. I recommend Tufo tape to glue them on, it works very well... at least with Continental tires. I've been riding on Velodrome with it and never had any problems with slipping off the wheel or similar. Will shift to Continental Competition in next few weeks as I would like to have tire that has a little bit better puncture protection for on road riding and Competition is the most durable tubular tire from Continental.

My suggestion is to try very good quality tubular tire, don't try low quality tubulars as you may regret it. The only disadvantage is that you may need to carry a spare tubular and tape for longer rides. As far as replacing a tubular on the road, it will take you just little bit longer than replacing the tube on clincher tire... or approx the same time if you are repairing tube.

By the way Campy Pista wheels are quite durable, on the road or even on the cobble stone, these wheels are performing well... no matter what they stay always true (well, at least in my case).

fu*%!ng awesome!

it was well worth the time spent gathering components! im really looking into one of those does it ride?


I guess you are asking about brooks.
It's the most comfortable saddle I had so far.
It is sort of non-existent, you know it's there but you can't feel it at all. Perfect, and it has a classic look. Quality is amazing... highly recommended.

yea, the brooks..

yea, i was asking about the brooks. most i see are too wide and wouldnt look right on my bike but yours looks more slim and aggressive. i like..

if you are after slim books

if you are after slim books than look for Swallow model. It's been produced since 1936, true classic... and you are right it looks most aggressive of all brooks seats


thanks man. nice bike by the way..check mine out. hopefully i will be getting my drops/stem in the mail soon. bars will totally change the look of my a good way.

Cinelli Olympic.

That is a great looking bike. I have one myself, but in the standard bright yellow paint. The repaint looks great de-badged and all of the high polished bits are a great touch. I wanted to point out that I believe your bike to be a Cinelli Olympic pista and not a super pista. The seat lug is the same as an Olympic and the rear bridge I bet isn't flat across the seat stays. Can't really tell from the pictures, but I would imagine the rear bridge raises up to a small round and then back down again. Also, was the rear triangle chromed before the repaint? This is also another clue that it's an Olympic and not a super pista.
I am running the same cranks on my bike and you have made me really want to get them polished up.

still think it's Super Pista, but wouldn't mind if it's Olympic.

my frame was originally painted in Cinelli yellow too... (here it is: It was custom made for previous owner and it was done with Columbus Zona tubing. I think I know what you are talking about... bridge is exactly as you described. I've seen this kind of rear bridge on Super Pista frames too. It looks like Cinelli made both models (Olympic and Pista) with both kinds of rear bridges, flat and arched. Unfortunately my frame didn't have chromed rear triangle, I wish it had because I would leave it chromed.

Yep, I am still impressed with the look of polished Campagnolo Pista cranks. They are so nice, classic, elegant and very simple. After being used almost every day for last year they still look so clean and bright. Highly recommended... if you can live without Campy logo, which by the way doesn't look that good on current Campagnolo pista cranks.

Cinelli Olympic.

I thought of another thing. There were Olympics produced with out a chromed rear triangle, but I believe the majority were produced with. I was unaware that there were ever any super pistas made with arched and flat bridges. I assumed they were all flat across the seat stays. I still have yet to see a super pista with the style of seat lug that the Olympics have. One more thing, to my knowledge the majority of the super pistas have Cinelli stamped in to the BB's where the Olympics do not.
As far as current the current Record cranks with the painted on logo. Yeah I could do without. It looks much better high polished then it does stock with the logo's. I have some older pista cranks on a 1985 Guerciotti that would also look super rad polished really bright and I wouldn't loose the logo do to it being etched. Sick bike. It makes mine want a new look.


Thanks for the info.
What do I know ... it could be Cinelli Olympic since BB shell has no Cinelli logo stamped on it.
I thought it was Super Pista because of this link:
that bike is advertised as Supercorsa Pista but since it doesn't have that unique Supercorsa Pista seat bolt, head lugs were not chromed and bridge is arched, I assumed it is Cinelli Super Pista.
BTW seat cluster on my frame is identical to Cinelli Olympic.

Who knows?

I checked that link and it was interesting to see a super pista with the arched bridge. I had not seen one like that prior. What keeps me guessing is that the tubing on the Olympics was Thron and not Zona. Maybe you have the most unqiue super pista out there. Zona tubes with an Olympic seat cluster. Good stuff none the less. It's nice to see a bike of this quality that hasn't been converted in to a bag of skittles.

you forgot one thing...

you forgot to rub off the continental decals off the tires... why stop there?

is your cinelli embarrassed

is your cinelli embarrassed by the look of my bike?
would you please excuse my naked super pista to your properly dressed x mash sf?


some people just can't take a joke.

no hard feelings,

no hard feelings, honestly... I thought you will read my reply as a joke ;)


ooooh, it's my size!
what kind of chainring do you have on? , is it fyx?

chainring is 48t Campagnolo

chainring is 48t Campagnolo Pista... but I am thinking of getting a 50t Fyxomatosis one


I think I still see them on the stem and the chainring. better break out the dremel. can't have those on there.

you are right... stem and

you are right... stem and bars are out.
In is Cinelli Milano steel track stem (no badge, ha ha) and Cinelli model 14 steel track handlebars.
Pisc are coming soon


...seriously? I was just kidding. as long as we're at it though, the Campy logo is clearly visible on the toe straps. and the tire labels throw the whole balance off :)

Balance, huh...?! Ha, ha,

Balance, huh...?! Ha, ha, ha...

too many haters.

i think the bike looks amazing. even cleaner than it was before. bravo


perfect. those are SOME wheel sets to have to decide between!

wow. drooling over a

wow. drooling over a bicycle. def put some time into this one. awesome job. looks alot like my bareknuckle. great build.


this bike is beautiful

absolute perfection

will strip and paint mine too one of these days. cinelli paint is the worst anyway...


fckn sweet ride ...well done !

I agree

This bike is still Cinelli SuperPista and wheels are still Campagnolo Pista. Taking off decals from it will not reduce the quality, ability or feel of riding. It's just that this bike doesn't screem "look at me I am Cinelli Super Pista with Campagnolo Wheels".


ahh, simplicity. great way to keep your ride from getting the wrong eyes looking at it.


nice ride. i love the way these frames feel. i'm changing the color of mine too. we'll see how much hating i get for that too. but i build bikes for myself anyways , so who cares


what you said "... but i build bikes for myself anyways , so who cares"

I suggest you consider masking the rear dropouts when you paint your Cinelli Super Pista, they are most probably made of stainless steel. I don't know why Cinelli doesn't do that as standard on these frames. Those nut marks on the rear dropouts are not very pretty.

Cinelli SuperPista

.......RIDE NAKED!!!!!!

tsk tsk. whered the brake

tsk tsk. whered the brake go? components are great and i dont care about the campy logos, but this bike was art. would you streamline David? all in the name of modern aesthetics, i suppose.


shit! I forgot the brake

Fancy bike!

That shit is fancy!
Bet that saddle to bar drop is pretty excruciating with that brooks and jag.
Good call on vandalizing a classic paint job.

Art. I bet it rides like


I bet it rides like buttah.


great job. But if its my bike I stayed with the original look, I really like the yellow. No bike company can pull off a yellow bike unless Cinelli. But it is your bike, you can do whatever you want.

Cinelli Pista

I don't like alot of logo's either... but I wuld have left the headbadge decal alone :)

sorry but

painting over a cinelli supercorsa pista is one of the worst things anyone can do. Especially with the decals being intact. Same with the wheel decals. The bike just looks like an alien frame with h+sons. Makes me really sad.

I know a lot of people who

I know a lot of people who have the same opinion as you davebrochill.

But my thinking when it comes to look is somehow different... as you can tell from the photos. This is not a random look, it didn't happen just like that. Parts that you see here were chosen for their quality, function and aesthetics. I am a designer by profession so putting a bike together for me was also a challenge in aesthetics (apart from need to make a bike with high quality components).

Don't be sad about bikes like these... think of them like being modest, less of a show off. This bike is still Cinelli SuperPista and wheels are still Campagnolo Pista. Taking off decals from it will not reduce the quality, ability or feel of riding. It's just that this bike doesn't screem "look at me I am Cinelli Super Pista with Campagnolo Wheels".

If you see fixed gear bikes as ones being closer to the basic and minimal as bike could ever be than taking decals off the frame and wheels is move in the same direction.

I never saw it as Cinelli SuperPista, for me it's just "my bike"...
I like that it's italian handmade steel frame from reputable manufacturer but I rather keep that for myself. No one else needs to know about it.

i couldnt agree more

i couldnt agree more


typo... it's "scream", not screem

You're a designer? What do

You're a designer? What do you design?



That's a pretty broad job

That's a pretty broad job title. Anything commercial? Corporate logos, branding and such?

gridplan, it is broad...

it is broad... I've been doing it for last 13 years so there is a bit of everything... identity design, marketing communications, exhibitions, environmental, way finding and signage and other related communications.

why you ask?
same industry?

No, I'm a code monkey. I

No, I'm a code monkey. I was just curious.

I think those modern logos

I think those modern logos would that shit look pretty tacky. Sure it's not the most original, but it is really fucking nice.


I probably agree with that, but it does look good and I bet it rides like a dream :)

What's the weigh of this baby BTW?

I've never checked the weight

I've never checked the weight on the scale... it feels very, very light with Cinelli alloy stem and Cinelli Priest handlebars. Little bit heavier with Nitto stem and handlebar (both steel) but still goes uphill very easy... surprisingly easy.


i just got a chubby

very very nice...

really classy job on that one...

Adman in London

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