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24K GOLD CINELLI track bike         Featured Bike! on 03/2/2010

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | Commuter | 24k gold | campagnolo | more tags >>
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08' cinelli super pista - 24k gold plated

vintage steel pista 24k gold / cinelli steel pista 24k gold

original 24k gold / vintage campagnolo steel

vintage alessa belgium clincher rims to campy record track hubs

vintage alessa belgium clincher rims to campy record track hubs

campagnolo track/ campagnolo

limited white cinelli unicanitor /

steel campagnolo track /


final phase for this bike- new vintage cinelli pista - it makes me happy - they have lojack for bikes?

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Double twist chicken wire spoking

Beautiful Cinelli! Thought you'd like some imput about your choice of spoke pattern. I had several friends try that pattern back in the late 80's only to have their large flange hubs destroyed with cracked flanges. Myself included.If your Cinelli sees minimal use it's probably no problem.After I tore out a large flange Dura Ace hub I never used it again.


....just awful. Looks like a christmas cracker toy.

you forgot to add a gold

you forgot to add a gold seatpost, wheels, and crankset

Golden Rule..............

What a beautiful bicycle. Mad props to you and your master piece.

stiffer wheels

Uh, twisted spoke patterns were used in the 70s to make the wheel stiffer? I'd like to read some concrete evidence for this. If so, why do pros today (and in the 1970s) choose x3, 32 hole patterns when the toughest wheels are needed, like for races including cobbles? I find this claim a bit hard to believe.


i don't know that they used such a whacky lacing pattern in the 70's for this purpose, but 'they' did frequently tie and solder the spokes together at points of intersection to increase lateral stiffness. some say it worked, some say it didn't.
someone may have just confused these two practices somewhere along the way.


This is siick. I would love to see this in person.

wow much total gold does the build have....its beautiful!

I would stare at this ewok style

So damn beautiful

I hope when you ride this

I hope when you ride this thing you never get off of it. Hell I'd probably run a cable through my belt loops then through the frame and lock it if this was my bike. Beautiful work man.


i love you for it

Sweet bike dude, and you

Sweet bike dude, and you seem to be a standup guy too, judging by responses to the comments. Keep it real.

You know you don't have to

You know you don't have to put 'vintage' before every older campy component. If you just state the group it's from "assuming you know" then the obvious is stated. Thus, relieving you from the repeated word typing. Most kats on this site know campy components and their circas, it's just an eye sting reading that fuckin word haha nice build none the less. Campy did the super record aero post in 24k with a rad 24k stamp. They also did some cranks but they might be bmx, I'll probably double back on that statement with another crank set they did in gold hahaha look into that shit


thanks for the info and advice. if you see a gold campy seatpost please let me know. i know campy made some bmx gold annodized parts, but i'm trying to keep it all real gold plated. i was not able to find a older campy seat post that was long enough yet. thats the only part i still want to find to complete this. i'm working on another build soon that going to be the oposite. black or black chrome frame with gold plated components.


thanks. i live in southern california. i found the 08' cinelli super pista frame on ebay a few months ago used. it was the original black color. i had the frame and parts gold plated locally and found repro vintage decals to replace the new ones.


you created an account just so you could get that off of your chest?
this is a place for people with interest in bikes, not self-righteous assholes.
though sometimes one is also the other.
go away.


do you want me to build a gold one for you too? i'm not doing this to show off- bikes are just a passion of mine- i've built many bike (100's) mostly for other people- i made it part of my business too- i don't think thats self righteous. how about a copper plated bike, nickle plated bike, black chrome any one... sorry if i offended you


oh no, it looks like i was totally flaming you. some dude was being a douche so i unloaded on him but it looks like his account got deleted, so my comment is left hanging and seemingly aimed at you. not the case! your bike is the stuff of dreams, my friend.
nickle plated one would be fantastic though!



absolutely love the gold,

absolutely love the gold, you gotta do the seatpost and cranks!


SOOO NICE!!!! i just creamed my pants without touching!?!? haha nice bike man! i would be scared to even ride it.


i'm so confused! i thought this bike was black.



that was phase one. looks quite a bit different. going for the classic 50's 60's style cinelli


ah, i had no idea the phases were going to be so drastic. This thing is nuts, man.
right on.

gold cinelli

a huge waste of money but super sick!!!!!!!......nice job on it

An example of waste, and

An example of waste, and quite a sad one. A bike like that was made to be ridden...

a waste?

cinelli bikes are worthy of being gold plated. have'nt you heard....invest in gold


it says invest in gold, not on a gold bike ...... and it is your prefrence on witch bike you think is worthy to be gold plated. And it is kinda a waste cuz it is sketchy to ride


I don't get the spoke thing?.... but it's nice.


hey thanks. the spokes were originaly twisted like this in the 70' and 80's to make the wheels stiffer, like what the deep v wheels do today ...and it works , they are stiffer , but are prone to snaping easier due to the high tension-- no jumping off curbs for me


sweet mother of god!!! speechless man, that bike is f*%king flawless
good work man

awesome build~!


This Bike Is

RIDICULOUS! (yet so necessary at the same time) Nice work!

plz don't wreck this bike...

Dustin please dont put any of your broken disc's and tri's on this thing. This bike deserves good parts, dont ruin it just like some of the others just cuz it looks "cool". This bike deserves the best parts money can buy

yes sir.

where's your bike?

I has no camera :(

maybe i should get a super cheap one from used camera store but maybe not.

I ride a sky blue bareknuckle with front 2009 hed 3 and a rear aero velocity. Holla if you see me riding through OC :D




I saw this on ebay 822.00 was the sale price. I was bidding against you. What was your max bid? I adecided to look into a 3Renscho instead!!Enjoy!


i think he paid 1200 or something close to that


ya ebay's a bitch. sorry. you don't want to know my max bid. i've been looking for one of these used for a while to save the high new price- and the're hard to find.the bike's apart right now again- working on the final phase of my dream bike.
but anyways, 3rensho's are great. and nagasawas. check


Nice Set Up!!

sweet frame

i thought these had chrome lugs but i guess that little "corsa" word is the difference. i'll stay tuned for the build up.


what a gorgeous bike. i look forward to the phases to come!

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