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fixed miyata (sold)

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80's Miyata

Generic Straight bar/Ourys on stock stem

Miyata Manga Light fork

Formula/Weinmann WE913 32-spoke on michelin dynamic tire

Alexrims R450 with Vittoria Rando

Shimano cranks

Cycle-Ops Seat

MKS Sylvan/MKS Cages/Cadence straps with KMC Z chain

Surly 50t chainring, Surly 17t cog

Gets me around campus. Hopefully upgraded pictures coming soon.

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That third pic (at dusk) is

That third pic (at dusk) is awesome. Nice bike!

thanks! i appreciate it.

thanks! i appreciate it.

Mad props

Mad props for representing clemson! Im just beginning my journey into building a Fixed or SS bike, can't decide.... any good leads on bad frames for cheap?

How is 42/14 for clemson? That the best you have found? I live in central and would have a 4 or so mile commute to and from campus-


good deal man. there are like 4 or 5 other guys here riding fixed too. 42/14 has worked out great so far. to be honest, if you can afford a kilo tt or something similar, i would suggest doing that. i have had a buttload of trouble with my conversion.

otherwise, a couple guys i ride with ride an old steel trek 330 that he converted and it works great. he also had an old panasonic road bike that he converted. if cheap is really what you are looking for, check out craigslist, garage sales, pawn shops, or anything of that nature. i found my bike from an old guy back home that didn't ride it anymore.

be patient though, something will definitely catch your eye eventually.

let me know though if you are ever here and want to ride. we ride at least 2 times a week.


I am most certainly bikeless right now, i checked out one of the pawn shops in central but they had shit, haven't been to the one on 93 right by BiLo... might be my next move...

I have want-ads out on craigslist (most in atlanta) and have returned some reasonable hits, im piss poor so i am really looking for a cheap 80's roadie that rides with some issues, i have no problem sanding/repainting frame or removing unnecessary parts... have you had any dealings with the clemson cyclery guys? do they sell used shit for a reasonable price?

I found one bike that runs and is cheap but its an 80's montgomery ward (yeah the department store) apparently they were rebranded from schwinn and others over the years.....

im a little worried about the quality/weight of the frame, but i will be in atlanta thursday and im going to take a look at it i think-

for now im definitely looking at spending less than 0 total, so i will definitely be using some bargain bin parts for a while

I have been to Clemson

I have been to Clemson Cyclery several times. I haven't had to buy anything substantial in there. To be honest even the little stuff I have bought in there seems a little pricey. I don't know what they would have to offer, but I know that there is an actual track bike shop in Atlanta called No Brakes that I would check out. If they don't have anything, I imagine it would be a sweet shop nonetheless.

If I hear of anything like what you are looking for I will let you know.


Awesome, thanks a ton. I am from Atlanta and go back every other weekend or so, there is also a Bike Co-op called SoPo bikes that i need to check out, not for frames but maybe a spare part or two, i think its mostly just miscellaneous stock take offs, but they are knowledgeable or so i hear and have a large amount of tools....

I'll have to check out No Brakes next time im in town


This is one sexy bike! I feel as if i've seen it before somewhere.....

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