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1971 Raleigh Sports All-Gold Edition         Featured Bike! on 10/25/2010

Bike tags: Commuter | 1971 | english | Raleigh | sports | more tags >>
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1971 Raleigh Sports

3-speed Sturmey Archer Hub

1971 Raleigh Sports All-Gold Edition with 3-speed Sturmey Archer hub. It has a rear rack, and a generator that uses the wheel to power a small red light on the rear. Chrome everywhere, and whitewall tires. How can you not love this bike?

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if i didn't add this i'd

if i didn't add this i'd feel like an asshole.

I have one to!! (for sale)

I have a 1969 Raleigh Sports All Gold Edition 3 speed in my garage. It is all original except tires and a brand new black leather Brooks saddle. I am entertaining offers if anyone is interested in purchasing such a bike. It is in very good shape and rides GREAT! A few little scratches but not dents or rust. Do a search under "Commuter" bikes and
take a look. Let me know.

Raleigh Gold Edition 3 speed bicycle

I would be interested in it. Naturally I would want to know more about it; i.e. condition, your asking price and also be able to view pictures of it.
Awaiting your response,

So completely beautiful...

My gosh. I have a '79 Raleigh Sports in blue, but it's in nowhere as pristine condition. This is gorgeous.

if there was a bike

if there was a bike equivalent of a 1979 Cadillac Coupe de Ville, this would be it. Pimp.


now that's PIMP!

I'm blinded

by the bliiiiiiiiiiing!!!

wow, this bike is pure

wow, this bike is pure class. there's something about classic 3-speeds that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. the only thing i can think of to make it better (personally) would be to obtain an ultra-rare 3 speed fixed gear hub, and strip away all brakes / wires. but that's just me and my purist idealism...

SA 3Speed Fix for the junkies

We ever gonna see the purist ideal 3 speed fixed hub come back?


that's not being a purist...thats being a revisionist.

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