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Late 70's(?) Lotus Sprint Track bike, city cruiser style

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Late 1970's (not sure on exact year) Lotus Sprint track bike, 57cm

Nitto 110mm, Nitto all-rounder city bars with natural Cinelli cork

Lotus/generic stock steel headset

shimano cheapie hub 3x to Mavic MA3, 32H

Suntour Superbe Pro Track laced 4x to Mavic MA3, 36H

Shimano UN cartridge BB, Suntour Superbe Pro Track 167.5 cranks

cheapie post, Maroon Brooks B17

RARE Phil Wood CHP platform pedals, MKS clips, KMC Z chain 1/8"

18T EAI cog 1/8", 48T sugino ring

SKS full fenders. sold to Tomy, timecycle courier here in philly who promptly broke it! he has since gotten it repaired. i miss this bike, and i really regret selling those rare phil wood pedals, although i did need the money.

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I can't believe someone would dog on this bike. I love it. I'm actually surprised you got fenders to work on a track frame. That's really unique and sets apart from the million other lame cookie-cutter builds.

Are those angles really that slack or is it the photos?


nice, street viable (the madison too)

how are the nitto bars--weight, flex?


the nitto bars are great, have a nice smooth bend and aren't too wide. they are alloy, so they are light. as far as stiffness, they are ok, its hard to make a stiff bar in this shape! comfortable tho. thanks for the comments!

strange how you make a

strange how you make a wonderful frame become such a boring and ordinary looking bike. I dont like to hate on bikes, but I´m really curious about your ideas with this bike

look how slack those angles

look how slack those angles are. the thing looks retarded with b123s on it. i ride in the rain, and im old. so bite me. im sure you dont like to hate on bikes ;) ya know what, i HATE to hate on bikes, but you, my pudgy seinfeld sidekick, have gotten my velocipede-riding goat. strange how you take a beautiful merckx tt bike and turn it into a shitty conversion. good day, sir!

point taken.

point taken.

this bike has an amazing

this bike has an amazing color. and the fenders are pretty sweet too man. nice build.

ah, a sensible man. thanks

ah, a sensible man. thanks for the kind words!

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