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Trek 1500 Aluminum Model 1989, 53cms.

Bike tags: Road bike | Horse of aluminum
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Trek 1500 Serie 700 Double butted Aluminum, 53cm, 1989

Shaeke Modolo Patent Pending

Bounde epoxy aluminum Alloy

Matrix iso C Aero, tires continental ultra Sport

Matrix iso C Aero, tires continental ultra Sport

Shimano 600

selle Italia, dont' remember model, Strong Made in Japan

Look model 66,

Shimano 600

Shimano 600

Exelent red horse, wonderful road bike.

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Great bike

I just sold an '89 Trek 2000... It was always a great bike. Holds up great against the newer carbon bikes and you can even fit a new wheel on them (130mm spacing)


hOLA!, big bikes trek, thanks for the tip "Sweet Dreams on the Road", ZZZ-ZZZ-zzz-zzz, from Mexico City

Good lookin bike you got

Good lookin bike you got there! i'm diggin that kickstand! lol

I'm glad...

to see that you didn't convert this to a single speed or fixed gear. Nothing against doing that (I have a ss myself) but all too often I think that people are so eager to do a conversion to a perfectly good road bike w/ gears.

Why would he turn a

Why would he turn a perfectly good and working geared road bike into a single speed conversion? lol seems pretty dumb to me, but if you know anybody doing this then tell them to sell me the derailleurs, shifters, and other components because I have a Trek Conversion that I want to turn into a geared bike lol

ha good to hear WOLF OUT!

ha good to hear WOLF OUT! First they take them apart, then we put them back together :D

Trek 1500's are sexy


Hola!, Junkfoodjunkie, I am thankful for your commentary, your bicycles are very good also, your family is not bothered whith you to have many bikes?. I dare to say that the bicycles red color as a beautiful woman all want to mount them (Mens). "Sweet drems in the Road", ZZZ-ZZZ-zzz-zzz, Bye Friend. From Méjico City.

Nice looking ride! Gotta

Nice looking ride! Gotta love red bikes.


Hola!, Certain parkman the bike is not a convesion, is almost original to meaning of the tires and the handlebars tape, only has some little adornments, "Sweet dreams in the Road", ZZZ-ZZZ-zzz-zzz, Bye Friend, from Méjico City,

:P sorrry i didnt look hard

:P sorrry i didnt look hard enough. comment my bikes!

Good conversion

Good conversion

Beautiful red Trek 1500!! I

Beautiful red Trek 1500!! I also have a '89 1500, check it out!!!

Wait, not converted but

Wait, not converted but still good

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