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Uno Pista by Fujishiro

Bike tags: Track bike
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Uno Pista NJS (stamped Cinelli BB shell)

Cinelli Giro d'Italia/ Cinelli

Uno Pista/ Tange Levin Japan (NJS)

Velocity Deep V/ Dura-Ace high flange track (pre-NJS)

Velocity Deep V/ Dura-Ace high flange track (pre-NJS)

Dura Ace track cranks (pre-NJS), Sugino Mighty Competition chainring (pre-NJS), Dura Ace BB

San Marco Regal or Brooks B17

Dimension Track Pedals, Toshi single straps

Built in 1988. It has a Cinelli NJS stamped BB shell, and Cinelli was only certified in NJS for a few years. Built by the now deceased Fujishiro, and set up with mostly pre-NJS (BIA approved) track components. This thing is buttery!!

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do you have any more pics of the bike with the risers and brooks saddle? i would like to see more. what kind of grips are those on the risers?

nice and beuty bike and

nice and beuty bike and lookin her for the side it´s perfet, but for the front....try to find a track handlebar. IMHO

cool frame and crankset! But

cool frame and crankset! But whats up with the rims? Put on some lowprofile clinchers and loose the brooks saddle. they have ruined too many nice bikes

rims and saddle

Thanks for the advice. I actually wanted low profile, vintage looking rims. When I got this set built the owner of the shop sort of talked me into deeper section rims because of my weight (175 lbs) and the sort of city riding I do. They are simply stronger. The Brooks only gets thrown on when I want a comfortable leisure ride through town.

don´t get me wrong use the

don´t get me wrong use the brooks if you like it but alot of people seems to think that if a bike is older than 8 years its vinatge and should be wearing a brooks saddle. I think time accurate saddles like a concor or regal like you have is very much more fitting

its not about the rimms how

its not about the rimms how strong your wheels are. its about how they are built and what spokes are used. im running some dura ace hubs laced to low profile mavic open pro's 32H, they arent the strongest rimms, but the wheels are built very well, 3cross and still true after alot of curb hopping. oh i am over 200lbs btw.


see subject-


Love the frame

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